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Eskoziako mugimendu ‘independentistaz’ hitz bi

Eskozia: mugimendu ‘independentista’, Robin McAlpine, Richard Murphy, SNP delakoa eta Europar Batasuna

The first Scottish referendum was lost on the currency issue and the fear of change.
The second Scottish referendum (if there ever is one) will be lost on the EU issue.
The Indy movement will have nobody to blame apart from themselves (again).

Eskoziaz, berriz

Eskozia europar distopiarantz

Eskozia europar distopiarantz, Irlandako modeloari jarraituz

Eskozia ‘independentea’ Europar Batasunean (aka, Eurozone Dystopia-n)

Denbora galduaren bila (Britainia Handian eta Eskozian)

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In Bill Mitchell-en If it quacks!


Bill Mitchell-ek horrela dio:

If it quacks then it is a duck! If it uses neoliberal frames, narratives, language and concepts then it is neoliberal. Framing a lie just privileges the lie – and we get nowhere. The Progressive Economic Forum purports to bring “together a Council of eminent economists and academics to develop a new macroeconomic programme for the UK”. Their goals have some overlap with what I consider to be reasonable – reducing economic insecurity and inequality, climate action, etc. Some of their policies approaches are anathema (for example, UBI). Many of their council have been close advisors to the Labour Party at various times, including most recently. And they promote a macroeconomics that is not only incorrect but dangerously coincident with the mainstream thinking that has been part of the problem they claim eager to solve. And the failure of the Labour Party to win the December election against a Tory government that had inflicted awful austerity on the people is testament to the fact that their progressive narrative is in need of a radical change. The latest example of how this ‘progressive narrative’ really just reinforces the neoliberal frames they rail against is an Op Ed from a senior PEF council member (January 24, 2020) – – which was a promotional piece for his latest book. I do not recommend anyone purchasing the book.



Sure enough, all these issues are political choices.

Whether the younger people want to endorse governments providing more resources to their parents in their dotage is never going to be a financial issue.

It will always be the result of the political contest.

But invoking the mainstream logic that governments are financially constrained and need to tax and borrow biases the political debate such that the perceived fiscal space becomes much narrower than it actually is when we all understand what the true constraints on government spending are in a modern monetary economy.

And that is why the neoliberals persist with the myths. It allows them to restrict the provision of public services to the poor and maintain procurements contracts and other government largesse to the elite segments of our societies.

The PEF would be better served expunging the mainstream macroeconomics from its publications and policy narratives.

Framing a lie just privileges the lie – and we get nowhere.

Iruzkin batzuk (Derek Henry):

Derek Henry

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Murphy speaks out of both sides of the same mouth and says different things. Always has done and never knows he is doing it. A Wurzel Gummidge type character who can change heads and look different ways at the drop of a hat.

Hated the job guarentee said it would never work, but supports a green new deal which is a fine example of his split personality.

Read what he writes about Scotland then you will quickly realise he has no idea what it would mean for Scotland at the heart of Europe. Completely ignores the fiscal rules as if they do not exist in his reality. As if the fiscal rules only apply on a Monday or August bank holidays.

Supports everything in the common weal library, yet does not realise none of it would get implemented on planet earth, because of the growth and stability pact the excessive debt procedure and corrective arm. The common weal can’t see it either as they are under the spell of Murphy and the SNP looking for careers after independence. They feed nonsense between each other like feeding time at the zoo. Garbage in garbage out.

The so called common weal experts were at the Glasgow event when Warren and Bill told them Scotland would have to run large deficits to achieve all the things they wanted to achieve, but they refuse to listen because, the SNP stance is one of ”Heart of Europe ” They say they know better, yet MMT economists have taught them everything they know to date. They had to put the degrees they earned in the bin as they soon became worthless as reality caught up with them.

Now they believe Scotland with its own currency will cut a deal with the EU that means they do not have to abide by these fiscal rules and all the other neoliberal nonsense that is attached to them. They even post this fantasy all over Twitter and social media as facts. It is quite clear they live in a parallel universe to MMT’rs. They should stop calling themselves as such and just call themselves New Labour.

They are he’ll bent on stripping power away from London and handing it to Brussels. They have to be stopped. It is imperative that they are stopped from carrying out this insanity. That is only real in their own heads encrusted by GROUPTHINK. The SNP GROUPTHINK that has stopped them from having any rational thought of their own.

They now use Croatia as an example. Croatia is the new buzz word in the corridors of indy GROUPTHINK. The slayer of all myths, the dagger to the heart of over 20 years worth of MMT study by MMT economists the true experts on the issue.

They now say daily, Croatia with their own currency joined the EU with a deficit of 5%. The fairy tale stops. Alice in wonderland comes to a grinding stop. Move along now nothing more to see. Keep voting for an independent Scotland at the heart of Europe Croatia proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

Then look what happened.

Because Croatia kept on getting these delivered by the EU by first class post.

We all know what it means in reality. Not only have MMT economists explained what happens next. Michael Hudson and Steve Keen have drawn blueprints over the years highlighting the road map to serfdom. The IMF as the prison guard with privatisation stalls set up all over Scotland selling their scams. Pushing more and more families into private debt.

But it is the usual in Scotland. The ”half the story ” narrative. Only tell half the story at all times. Never explain the full story. In case you upset the locals who voted for EU membership in huge numbers on false beliefs. Thinking they were voting for the Treaty of Rome. Thinking the EU will save them from the Tories.


I am scared and struck with real fear about where Scotland is heading. It is certainly not independence in any way shape or form.


Wednesday, January 29, 2020


True independence is the ”double out ” out of the UK and EU. Own currency, own central bank New Zealand style.

Reclaiming national sovereignty and then a progressive vision of national sovereignty. Democratic control over the economy, full employment, social justice, redistribution from the rich to the poor, inclusivity, and effectively the socio-ecological transformation of production and society.

The true value of the European project is in its capacity to deliver a rule of law throughout Europe and engender multilateral cooperation on matters such as immigration, climate change, human trafficking, and global concerns that single nations cannot solve alone. Returning to national governments the monetary and fiscal tools needed to provide for the well-being of their own citizens would not undermine that sort of cooperation.

On the contrary, it would provide the basis for a renewed European project – and more in general for a new international(ist) world order – based on multilateral cooperation between sovereign states.

Scotland would achieve none of these things tied to the Barnett formula or the ECB.

Anything but the ”double ou ” is a faux independence a mirage of nonsense.


Thursday, January 30, 2020


The HUGE issue is via the Scottish growth commission the SNP have shown they do not even intend to negotiate. It will be an abject surrender when it comes to the table.

They are 100% a sound finance brigade. They think the growth and stability pact is golden and the right thing to do. The economic departments in both Glasgow and Edinburgh back them up to the hilt. The Fraser of Allender institute being one of the main culprits. GIGO there is no alternative.

We haven’t even talked about the debt to GDP ratio yet. The SNP will have to do their own version of Macron on Scottish savers in order to stick to the rules. That has not to be talked about swept under the table until the reforms take place.

These fools, the fantasists have convinced themselves they can stop the SNP from going down this road at the very last minute and live inbetween the EU fiscal rules and EFTA. An imaginary no man’s land. A parallel universe. Whereby you do not commit to anything. Robin Macalpine ‘s grand plan. Do not choose either and live outside both. He is dreaming and needs to wake up quick.

The SNP will just fill the voting hall at conference with EU supporters who are the vast majority of SNP voters and vote it through. Ride rough shod over these idiots and trample them to death. A ‘re run of The battle of greasy grass.

They have already ignored Robin and his merry band of followers numerous times without giving them a second thought. Even when they do win the odd victory at conference. The SNP just triangulate the result using lawyers speak.

When finally Scotland gets trapped they will deny all responsibility and blame everyone around them. They are the ”me too” of economics. Without understanding they are enablers and allowing this farce to continue. Turning a blind eye to what is actually happening and allowing the SNP to spread this propaganda unchallenged.

Created ”all under one banner” which was really clever I have to admit.

all under one banner ” means there could be 20 types of independence that 20 different groups want in Scotland. 19 of those groups might disagree with the SNP on what independence should look like. However, they all must vote for the SNP to get Indy done.

A group called Radical Indy wants independence outside of the EU but they must vote for the SNP even if that is not what the SNP are offering.

The SNP will completely ignore these groups if They win. By then it does not matter they got their vote. It stops these other 19 groups from splitting the vote and starting their own independence movements.

A complete sham to make sure the SNP wins. A very efficient way to kill off other types of independence that might gain popularity. Like Indy outside the EU for example. That the many liberals within the party will never entertain. The majority of the MP’ s and MEP’s s being from the liberal left. Mini me’s of Chucka Umunna.


Saturday, February 1, 2020


This will give you an idea how the debate is going in Scotland.

This guy is Common Weal’s Head of Policy & Research and was a member of MMT Scotland.

The piece below is so confused.

a) Because of complete love of the EU


Is it any wonder Scottish voters do not know what they are voting for?

What part of any of that is independence? Either handing control to Brussels or getting down on your hands and knees in front of an EFTA court to get policy through?

If Scotland gets trapped in either of those scenarios as the convergence letters start coming through or policy starts getting knocked back by EFTA. Someone else will get the blame.



Richard Murphy eta Warren Mosler:

Warren Mosler eta Richard Murphy

Warren Mosler-ek Richard Murphy-ri DTMz

Richard Murphy: Zergatik DTM? Warren Mosler-ekiko eztabaida

Richard Murphy: Zergatik DTM? Warren Mosler-ekiko eztabaida (2)

Richard Murphy: Zergatik DTM? Warren Mosler-ekiko eztabaida (3)

Richard Murphy: Zergatik DTM? Warren Mosler-ekiko eztabaida (4)

Eta azkenean:

Brexit, azkenean

(Eskozia galdurik dago, ‘independentzia’ eskatuz erreferendum berri baten bidez, Europar Distopian sartzeko.)

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  • joseba

    Derek Henry
    Wednesday, February 5, 2020
    I like this opening statement by Stephanie.
    ” MMT is about recognizing that the monetary regime under which a country operates matters. So countries like the U.S. – those that float their own sovereign currencies, that don’t borrow in a foreign currency – can never run out of money and they can never be forced to default on their debt.
    So what that means is that a country like the U.S. doesn’t need to tax or borrow in order to get the currency in order to spend. So it’s never about whether you can afford a program in financial terms. You always can. It’s about whether spending to fund your program will cause an inflation problem.
    That can happen if you’re trying to do big ambitious stuff and the economy doesn’t have the people and the machines, the factories or the concrete and the steel to absorb that spending. Then you could trigger an inflation problem and MMT recognizes that it’s our real resources and skills that are constrained not our financial resources. We should concentrate on balancing the economy not the budget ”
    I like that framing as an opening statement and when people then ask, what do you mean when you say the U.S. doesn’t need to tax or borrow in order to get the currency in order to spend for example.
    You can then delve deeper into that part of the statement and answer the question by explaining it.
    When I was interviewed on the BBC they told me in advance what the interview was going to be about. Within 15 secs they took that completely off the table. Then took a different approach to try and put me off balance and on a number of occasions tried to put words in my mouth over the next 20 minutes.It was my first ever interview I had ever done in my life. It was not easy far from it trying to explain what is MMT.
    It is very difficult when MMT is such a large subject to answer the question what is MMT. Especially when most interviewers are coming at it from a completely mainstream view point. It must be by far easier when the interviewer has at least some MMT knowledge and background. This then gives you the chance to put your answers in a logical order and watching when this happens the interview flows better. Bloomberg interviews are a great example of this.
    I used right wing and left wing examples. Tax cuts and government spending purely for the audience as you do not want to isolate anybody. How much can you really explain in 20 minutes on such a large body of work ? Not much because most of the time you end up slaying mainstream myths rather than explaining what MMT is.
    The real genius is in what Bill, Warren and Stephanie do when interviewed. They can explain what MMT is and slay the myths at the same time and it flows beautifully. That takes skill, real skill and huge amounts of knowledge and talent.
    I still believe one of the most effective ways to get Our points across is to wait on a macro viewpoint to be published. For example in my case the Scottish growth commission etc..
    Then republish the whole thing exchanging phrases with the other side of the balance sheet. Replacing deficits with the surpluses that occur for example. Just to show how inept the mainstream is. They use the liability side of the arguement we use the asset side to complete the story. The liability side narrative will sound absurd.
    MMT activists should publish them one after another every time one of the mainstream macro viewpoints are published in their own country. It would take quite a bit of work but there are enough of us worldwide to do it if we organised ourselves.
    The new SNP white paper that is getting written as we speak. Will be ripe for this kind of excercise after they publish it. Any takers ?
    Republish everything in this way that gets published by our own governments. Republish their nonsense right back at them. Sending it to every MP in the country.

    Derek Henry
    Wednesday, February 5, 2020
    Warrens article
    Interview with the chairman
    Changed by activists in their own country to represent their own country and sent to every MP and Journalist in the land would work wonders.

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