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Derek Henry

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The SNP want to be at the heart of Europe if they ever get Independence.

I don’t think I need to say anymore on that, as you surely must understand that is not independence at all. They would be trapped by the EU rules.

Problem is because over 60% of people voted to stay in the EU they are cheering Scotland into that fiscal and monetary policy prison.

Nobody in Scotland is challenging the SNP on that position. Nobody is asking them the awkward questions that need to be answered.

The people who do know it would be a faux independence are staying quiet because it is an independence at all cost strategy. They think they are powerful enough to stop Scotland from doing this after Scotland gets independence. Even though the majority who will vote for Independence want to be at the heart of Europe.

I say they are delusional and the SNP will ride rough shot right over the top of them put it to a vote at conference and boom full members of the EU.

The growth comission produced by a bunch of ex bankers in the SNP was a blue print so that the SNP could achieve that goal. My view is secretly the SNP want to adopt the Euro the Irish model.

What reinforces my view is the fact the SNP lost a vote on the currency at conference and decided to ignore the result of that vote. They have a plan the Irish model and nobody is going to stop them.

The SNP are delusional if they think they will win when they sit around a table with the EU. If they think they can pick the best parts of the EU and drop the bad parts as the brexit talks have shown. You are either part of the neoliberal globalist agenda or you are not. There is no goldilocks choices here.

Indy movement just can’t see the danger they are in and what a monster is coming up over that hill.


Mike Ellwood

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Derek Henry
Monday, October 14, 2019 at 21:08


Scotland is marching head first into a European dystopia. A faux independence for eternity. Everyone in Scotland is giving the SNP a free pass.

@Derek, because of Brexit, I, like many others I suppose, have been taking more notice than usual lately of what goes on in the Westminster parliament. We have been “treated”, if that is the right word, to the sight and sound of the SNP’s leader in the Commons, one Ian Blackford, blathering on against Brexit, and how evil we English are for dragging the Scots unwillingly out of the precious EU (never mind that 38% of Scots actually voted to leave), and yet the only reason for his party to exist is to take Scotland out of the union with England, Wales and N.Ireland. So as well as being a windbag and a complete pain to listen to, the man is a hypocrite of the worst order, and, I am afraid to say, does not bring any honour or credit to the name of Scotland.

In fact, one of your countrymen has started a series on Youtube: “Bawbag of the week”, and I am delighted to say that Mr Blackford was first in the series! 🙂
I suppose that it hardly needs pointing out that Mr Bawbag, sorry, Blackford, is a former banker.

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