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(a) I’ve voted for the SNP all my adult life for the exact same reasons most on here have voted for Brexit. I voted leave in the EU referendum.
Both the success or failure of Brexit or Scotland’s independence would all depend on the economic policies put in place after leaving.
I brought people together and set up MMT Scotland and organised 2 events in May with MMT economists Warren Mosler and Bill Mitchell. Two experts who actually do know how the monetary system, central banks, commercial banks and currencies operate in reality.
However, I will never vote for the SNP again. From day one they have tried to overturn the referendum result and I will never vote for Labour or the Conservatives in the future because of their lies, deceit and treachery. So it looks like the Brexit Party is the only party I can vote for. Does anyone know if there will be a Brexit Party in Scotland ?
Scotland has been a currency slave of London for far too long in the exact same way countries using the Euro are currency slaves to Brussels. The SNP are deluded and beyond stupid wanting to replace one currency slave owner with another.
I’ve fought for Scottish Independence all my adult life and I’m 50 next year and even though staying in the union keeps us as currency slaves to the fiscal Conservatives. Who have no idea whatsoever how the UK monetary system works. I’ll be fighting against the SNP for the rest of my life to stop them taking Scotland into the heart of the EU’s neoliberal globalist sess pit.

(b) An independent Scotland has to keep an arms length away from the EU. The current SNP position of trying to steal remain voters and wanting to be at the heart of Europe and join the single market and customs union is economic suicide. It’s a faux independence and Scottish voters have to start to recognise that the Stability and growth Pact, the 6 pack, 2 pack and excessive debt proceedure and EU neoliberal treaties are the foundation stones of the Growth Comission failures. The seeds used that produced everything wrong with the Growth Comission.
It’s no use being open and honest about the failures of the growth comission then completely ignore the adject failures of the Eurozone and the European union. You are not only lying to yourselves but what’s even worse is you are lying to the people of Scotland.

(c) The people of Scotland have to drop this obsession that somehow the EU are left wing and will save them. The people of Scotland have to take a step back and understand you can easily have your own currency thinking you are independent and sovereign but still be fooled into a debtors prison which is no independence at all.
The EU have to be kept at arms length if Scotland ever gains independence or all that would happen is Scotland would be swapping one currency slave owner master for another.

(d) This nails it for me – So as a left progressive I would advocate staying out of the EU cabal.

Brexit is extraordinary we now live in a world where the right has started to act like the left and left are acting like liberals. This has happened because of a complete mis understanding of how monetary systems operate.

(e) Scottish Independence should have always been about getting out of the EU first and the SNP and Indy movement could have used the Tories to do that. They should have honoured the Brexit result it would have been easy.

(f) Monday, May 20, 2019

The first Scottish referendum was lost on the currency issue and the fear of change.
The second Scottish referendum (if there ever is one) will be lost on the EU issue.
The Indy movement will have nobody to blame apart from themselves (again).

Derek Henry, berriro

(i) In EBZ Bill Mitchell-en arabera (1)


  1. Derek HenryTuesday, September 17, 2019 Brilliant Bill !I really hope when you and Warren are travelling around speaking to different financial sectors that they actually get it and don’t just pay you lip service.I got banned from the Guardian for the 5th time for threatening to report Graeme Wearden the editor of business live in the Guardian to the Independent Press Standards organisation for calling QE a fiscal stimulas. The guy is a fool.(…)in the Eurozone it always boils down to 3 things 1) The need to inflate as a whole without fiscal policies.

    2) Germany’s fear of inflation

    3) Germany’s trade surplus along with other northern trade surplus nations.

    There’s the conundrum. Germany always get their way and it is impossible to square that circle in the current set up. The Eurozone needs to inflate but Germany just can’t put their fear of inflation to rest. Draghi will do everything that he can to help the Germans.


    Warren described it beautifully here:

(Ikus Warren Mosler 2015ean, irratian)

(ii) In EBZ Bill Mitchell-en arabera (2)


I love your optimism Bill.

Before fiscal policy rises from the ashes again the banks will need to be put back in their box and be bowler hat boring again. There’s not one political party in the West willing to take them on. (…)

The SNP gave me a little hope but it was false hope built in lies and deceit, as they have chosen the Irish model and to be at the heart of EU central.

Today where is the changes going to come from ? I simply do not see any political party willing to do what is needed.



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