Mosler eta zor nazionala

MOSLER: The Alarm Surrounding The National Debt Is Misguided ( Editor’s note: We endeavor to bring you the top voices on current events representing a (...)

Bill Mitchell-en aurkezpena (15.10.2021)

Video of presentation for Wattle Partners – October 15, 2021 ( Last week, I did a seminar with a Melbourne financial market group (Wattle Partners), (...)

Marx-en ametsa

Bill Mitchell-en Marx’s dream does not justify ignoring day-to-day human suffering ( (i) Sarrrera gisa One of the recurring criticisms I face when presenting at (...)

Txanpon gordailuaz, hitz bi

Neil Wilson-en The Coin's Deposit Problem ( What’s the difference between and Both come from notionally democratic republics. Both come from a Treasury with the (...)

Islandia, ezezagun hori

SCOTONOMICS Ep Ten ICELAND Part of the Small Nation Series IndependenceLive An in-depth look at the wonderful land and interesting economy of Iceland with Olafur (...)

MTM eta Ekonomia (Warren Mosler, 2010)

An Interview with Warren Mosler: Modern Money Theory and the Exonomy1 (sic) ( Antonio Foglia and Andrea Terzi interview *Warren Mosler*, Distinguished Research Associate of (...)

Bill Mitchell: Moneten irudiak

Live Stream on Currencies footage – Helsinki, October 2, 2021 ( It is a public holiday today celebrating – Labour Day – which recognises the (...)

Bill Mitchell: (Modern) Marx eta MTM (2)

Sarrera gisa, ikus Bill Mitchell: Marx eta MTM (1) Segida: (Modern) Marx and MMT – Part 2 ( (i) Sarrera gisa This is Part 2 (...)