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Bill it is worse in Scotland and getting scary. Far worse than when you were in Scotland.

The middle class liberals who write all the Indy blogs and news paper articles are in complete denial.

To the point they have banned me from commenting on their articles. Silencing people like me who have wanted independence all my adult life. Because I do not share their Groupthink.

They are circling the wagons and determined to take Scotland into the EU prison. Nobody will be able to stop these middle class types with their art degrees. Who fail to recognise what the EU has become and somehow have convinced themselves via groupthink that EFTA is a safe option. A different shade of a faux independence whereby you have to stand in front of a court to get policy through.

I tried my best to warn everybody that this is what these fools have planned and what the Indy at all costs strategy would lead to. I hope now people will sit up and take notice of the farce that is playing out North of the border. I tried to highlight the groupthink that is embedded in Scotland.

Right now I do not see any difference between these middle class liberals with their art degrees and the Bullingdon club. Both hold onto their Groupthink like comfort blankets spreading their ideas of nonsense. Based on pure fantasy not facts.

The sad part of all is if these liberals in Scotland get their way and trap Scotland in the EU they think they will have won independence. It will be nothing short of a tragedy that will hurt so many. They are so far removed from the poor and working class in Scotland as Labour was in England.

They just can’t see it and now silence anybody who can. They are travelling at 100 miles an hour in a juggernaut on an icy road to hell. With Ode to Joy blaring out of the radio.


Antzekoa gerta liteke Katalunian berandu baino lehen, Euskal Herrian gertatzen den modura (sorry, ni neu lekuko)


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Monday, May 20, 2019

The first Scottish referendum was lost on the currency issue and the fear of change.
The second Scottish referendum (if there ever is one) will be lost on the EU issue.
The Indy movement will have nobody to blame apart from themselves (again).

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