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Nicola Sturgeon@NicolaSturgeon

1/ A thread on our call for a general election. Firstly, we have to ask ourselves what the alternative is. Doing nothing allows Johnson to get his bad deal through (with Lab support) or, even worse, run down clock to end January when no deal becomes a real risk all over again

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2/ Re a People’s Vote, I’ve strongly supported that and @theSNP would vote for it – but there’s no evidence that the majority for it exists within this Parliament. And if there is an extension to Jan 31, the clock starts ticking again immediately. We have no time to waste.

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Bill Mitchell: Eskozia independente baterako zenbait gogoeta (1)

Bill Mitchell: Eskozia independente baterako zenbait gogoeta (2)


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3/ For all his bluster, Johnson would much prefer to fight an election with Brexit already ‘delivered’. An election now would instead force him to explain his failure to keep his 31 October ‘do or die’ promise and also defend his bad deal.

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Warren Mosler Eskozian (Glasgow-n)


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4/ To change the course Johnson is taking us on, we need to beat him. I accept that challenge for @theSNP in Scotland. Other parties have to do the same elsewhere in UK. Doing nothing almost guarantees he gets what he wants – Brexit delivered, possibly through ‘no deal’.

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The first Scottish referendum was lost on the currency issue and the fear of change.

The second Scottish referendum (if there ever is one ) will be lost on the EU issue.

The Indy movement will have nobody to blame apart from themselves (again).


Nicola Sturgeon@NicolaSturgeon

5/ For the argument for election in more detail, this is a good read. There are undoubtedly pros and cons but, assuming extension for Jan 31 secured, the case for acting now is strong.

Remain should push for an election

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6/ Finally, all of this Brexit chaos is being imposed on Scotland against our will. To stop this ever happening again, we need to be independent – which is why the demand for #indyref2020 will be at heart of @theSNP campaign. ENDS

2019 urr. 27

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Eskoziak, bere presidentearen hitzez, independentzia nahi du Europar Batasunean sartzeko!!!!!, alegia, hondamendiko paradisuan bizi ahal izateko.

Eskoziako ‘lider’ politikoak erabat galduta daude, Kataluniako eta Euskal Herrikoak dauden antzera!

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