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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go for a pint with Warren Mosler, here’s your chance!

Ep 16 of The MMT Podcast: Treasuries, Kilts, Fish & Chips

A busy pub, the father of MMT and some curious people... enjoy!

#16 Warren Mosler: Treasuries, Kilts, Fish & Chip

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go for a pint in a busy Glasgow pub with Warren Mosler, now’s your chance!

(I’ve left in the audio of the barman calling out our food orders because it made us smile!)

Around the 15 minute mark, Dr Tim Rideout enters the discussion on trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK

NB. “Kilt” is the name Warren has given to a new Scottish currency (as outlined in episode 151).

Thanks to Warren’s wife Elizabeth for graciously holding the mike at certain points, and thanks to Warren and Elizabeth for allowing our dinner to be turned into a press conference!

Special thanks to MMT Scotland for looking after us so well.

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