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Bill Mitchell: Britain should exit the European Union

I hope tomorrow that Britain votes to leave the European Union.

If they do they will be voting to restore the capacity (potential) of the people to resist the corporate elites and their servants in Brussels who have overseen the most brutual neo-liberal austerity – the most horrific treatment of people for decades.

They will be rejecting the corporate elites who have wined and dined the political elites of Europe to ensure the distribution of income is pushed further in their favour.

They have left a nation (Greece) is a supplicant, depressed state.

All the talk in the late 1940s about creating political structures to ensure Germany never went to war again are now irrelevant. NATO prevents that not the European Union.

The European Union – the ‘European Project’ – is a decaying, necrotic arrangement that is incapable of dealing with the challenges of the present, much less the future.

Its economic design has failed. It is incapable of dealing with the migration issue. It has long gone past its use by date.”

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