Norvegia eta Brexit

Kristine L Solli@kristinels

In Norway, the latest opinion poll indicates that 70.9% of the public is against EU membership. Only 19.6% supports EU membership #EUref

2016 eka. 20


@kristinels @GoodwinMJ what are the issues that drive this ?

Kristine L Solli@kristinels

@the39thstep @GoodwinMJ Previously sovereignty, single currency, agriculture & fisheries -lately also EU financial crisis and refugee crisis


@kristinels @GoodwinMJ many thanks get the feeling in UK that to support exit=racism not the case in Norway or 5-star


@kristinels @taxidrivergaz I’ll #leave this here

Winston C@Proud2BScotBrit

@kristinels @The_UK_NeedsYou Switzerland have withdrawn their application to join. Holland and other EU members will follow us, if we leave


@kristinels @JuliaHB1 They haven’t been manipulated by their media and politicians yet.

William Bagley@billy_bagman

@kristinels @JuliaHB1 Don’t they realise by not opting into the EU they’re risking WW3 and recession? Stupid Norwegians.

Liz Jones@LizJone07984464

@kristinels Sensible people! UK must #VoteLeave

Ray Damms@RayDamms

@kristinels @JuliaHB1 Well done NORWAY. Do not end up in a current dire situation as UK. Support UKs #Brexit & a new free trade block #Leave

Tarmo Lappalainen@10Tare10

@kristinels @MorcarsHill Norway is a NATO member and a rich oil producer;absolutely no reason to join EU.Sothis kind of poll argument is +-0


“Taking the Fear out of Brexit” Documentary (full length)


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