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Portugal: ezkutura itzuliko ote dira?

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(a) The EU’s next headache is coming not from Greece but Portugal, as pro EU gov falls


(b) What is the Left Bloc?


(c) Full Contents of the Agreement between Socialist Party and Left Bloc


(d) “We will never fail on a Government that stops impoverishment and recovers people’s incomes


(e) Portugal: what happens next?


(f) The left(s) in Portugal: Between principles and power


After the Greek experience, did your attitude towards the European Union and the Euro change?

No, because our program already stated before that we wouldn’t accept any other sacrifices in the name of the Euro. That was already the political line since the last congress of our party, way before what happened in Greece.

(g) The people are looking forward to what we are going to change


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    Mariana Mortágua discusses measures of the agreement of PS with the left wing


    “Can you comment on te fact that France and Belgium have announced that they would not meet the Budgetary Treaty because of the security measures?
    They wouldn’t meet the fiscal compact rules anyway. It is not because of security, and even the discussion on security is quite a difficult one, but it is not because of the security expenses they aren’t meeting the criteria, it is because the criteria doesn’t make any sense. And countries in the middle of a crisis, or recovering from a crisis, with the Eurozone in stagnation, it is not easy for any country to meet these criteria. So that is just one more excuse to stop them from looking into and actually doing what they should do. Looking at this fiscal compact and understanding that it is a law that doesn’t make any kind of sense in the economic context of the Eurozone.”

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