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A piece by @MattBruenig that sort of complements my analysis, and also helps explain the Calvinball. He argues that MMT is basically about using odd language to imply that spending needn’t be paid for, without being explicit 1/

What’s the Point of Modern Monetary Theory?

Word games do not eliminate the need for higher taxes.


Paul Krugman@paulkrugman

ots. 26

That may be a bit too cynical; I’ve talked with some MMTers who seem to truly believe that they have an analytical insight; the Kelton piece I discuss here does indeed say some new things. But those things happen to be false 2/

Stephanie Kelton speaking at a conference in January.

Opinion | Running on MMT (Wonkish)

Trying to get this debate beyond Calvinball.


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Anything here you object to?

MMT White Paper – The Center of the Universe

Click Here for the White Paper on Modern Money Theory

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