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Bill Mitchell-en On holidays again …


I am travelling for most of today across land and water and so have no time to write anything coherent. So it is just a music day to welcome in 2019. Happy New Year to all and

lets hope a few banksters go to prison,

that a few politicians join them on corruption charges,

that Italy tells the European Commission to jump and leaves the Eurozone,

that the Gilets in France spread throughout Europe and bring down the whole disastrous monetary union,

that Britain goes out without an agreement

and that the British Labour Party gets some spine, sacks its New Keynesian advisors, and demonstrates how to actually run fiscal policy,

and that … you get the drift.

Granada honetan, alta, errealitatea oso gordina da.

Gogoratu ondoko hau: Ez, ez dakite!

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    Bill Mitchell-en Why progressive values align more closely with our basic needs
    (i) Hurrengo liburuaz
    Thomas Fazi and I have been discussing the shape of our next book and I think it will be an interesting and worthwhile followup to Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto Books, 2017). We hope it will be published some time late in 2019. One of the angles that will be delved into is the way in which neoliberal narratives and constructs have permeated individual consciousness. Yes, sounds a bit psychological doesn’t it. But there is a strong literature going back to well before the recent period of neoliberalism that allows us to draw some fairly strong conclusions on how the process has worked. It also allows us to make some coherent statements about the dis-junctures that are going on across the world between the people and their polities, which have spawned the support for Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the popularity of far-right movements, the electoral demolition of the traditional social democratic political parties, the election of the new Italian government, and the on-going trouble that the Gilets Jaunes are causing the mainstream political processes in France (and Brussels). The literature also provides a guide as to how the Left might break out of their current malaise based on their tepid yearning for cosmopolitanism, identity and their fear of financial markets to reestablish themselves as the progressive voice of the people. That is what I am writing about at present and here is a snippet.


    (ii) Ezkerra
    The opportunities for the Left
    This literature suggests that people want to have work that is secure – whether it be full-time or not. They want some control over their income generating destiny.
    Zero hour contracts and rising casualisation with attendent underemployment is the anathema of this need.
    People want to have security of housing and not be thrown to the rental market wolves.
    At the same time, they are increasingly aware that their sense of security is compromising the capacity of their children to enter the housing market.
    People want to see their local communities prospering in a qualitative sense – they don’t want to see whole areas waste away through joblessness and the withdrawal of public services.
    People want reliable and cheap public transport systems.
    They want public education systems that allow their children to gain mobility as adults. They don’t want public schools starved of funds while private schools receive government handouts and provide the children enrolled with a surfeit of resources.
    People want a clean and sustainable environment.
    People want effective and affordable health services. They don’t want a system where the rich can access better health care while the poor lose their teeth for want of financial capacity.
    People do not want the urban centres prospering while the peripheral regions die a slow and pain death from lack of work and lack of public investment.
    And on and on.
    These are all needs which appeal to the core values of the traditional Left.
    They are the anathema of the approaches taken by the confected Left of the Third Way or the Blairites or the PayGo Democrats or the ‘we will run a bigger surplus’ Labour parties or the ‘we will impose harsher austerity’ of the European social democrat parties.
    People are sick of the banks ripping us off. They are sick of Wall-Street/London City types swanning around on huge salaries when it is obvious they add nothing productive to society.
    They are sick of Labour Party types who then claim the government is powerless against these financial types.
    There is a solid agenda for the Left, if only it has the courage to end its dalliance with neoliberalism and corporatism (such as the Europhile Left who hang onto the EU as a security blanket).

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