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Ben Wray-ren The European Union towards the New Old (http://www.vocaleurope.eu/european-union-towards-new-old/)

(i) Katalunia eta Espainia

… there is the ambivalence with which Brussels appears to hold for the rights of minorised People, and the way in which referenda – an important democratic forum for the expression of public consent – is treated with contempt. Catalonia’s independence referendum in November 2014 was snubbed by the EU Commission in June via technocratic reference to the Spanish constitution (1978). This reference failed to take account of articles 10 and 96 which ratify all international treaties defending the Right to Self-determination of People which were formally signed by the Kingdom of Spain in 1977. This was to get the Spanish State accepted as a Western democracy after the death of the facist dictator Franco.

This is chance for the EU at this crucial stage in its development to stand by its founding democratic values of Justice, Equality and Peace by supporting the official Catalan referendum about independence scheduled for the 1st of October (supported by elected President Puigdemont and the absolute majority of Catalan Parliament with the massive support of the 80% of Catalans). We’ll see if once again, any concern for the consent of the people is secondary to meeting the needs of those with power in the EU.


The key to break out of this false dichotomy (…) is to do what neither currently offer: diversity and democracy.

(ii) Dibertsitateaz edo aniztasunaz

First on diversity. There needs to be an acceptance that the EU cannot be a homogenous institution, and that an asymmetric union with a patch-work of positions would be a sign of strength not weakness. It is known that Brussels is no fan of the Switzerland EEA [European Economic Area] deal, but perhaps this is the direction of travel needed – to manage the tension between the need to collaborate and the need to respect that we all have a sense of place and cannot squeeze over 500 million people into one governance model. Do all EU states really have to be part of the common agricultural policy? I’m not convinced.

(iii) Demokraziaz

On democracy, we need to be willing to extend and enhance the idea of democracy much deeper into the veins of our economy and society. The EU appears as if it to treat democracy as, at best, that bit that is done once every four or five years before the elected dictators take over. Workers democracy, community democracy, popular e-based participation in big EU-wide decisions, and yes referendums, including respect the rights of nations to self-determination, should be at the heart of the EU’s values, not something it treats as a threat.

ICEC-Euskal Herria

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ICEC-Euskal Herria eta Warren Mosler

ICEC-Euskal Herria eta Warren Mosler (segida)


(in Warren Mosler-ek gobernu tamainaz, diruaz, euroguneaz, bankugintzaz eta zergaz)

Warren Mosler eta ICEC-Euskal Herria

Options for prosperity – Warren  Mosler (for ICEC – Basque Countries)


Welcome to the world of Warren Mosler, creator of Modern Monetary Theory

Warren Mosler: What Modern Monetary Theory Tells Us About Economic Policy

Warren Mosler’s Soft Currency Economics

Warren Mosler, The Euro: past, present and future. The Crossroads Workshop 1 in Zurich


joseba felix tobar-arbulu, PhD in Engineering, prof. University of the Basque Country
(ICEC-Euskal Herria)


Warren Mosler at the Real Progressives

2016 Warren Mosler Interview about how money works


Real Progressives interview with Economist and Father of Modern Monetary Theory, Warren Mosler


Warren Mosler joins Real Progressives Host Steve Grumbine to discuss Banking in a Modern  Money World 



Badago hari bat Ben Wray-k esaten duenetik Warren Mosler-ek proposatzen duenera:

(1) Europar Batasunak (EB) aniztasuna onartu behar du, baita autodeterminazio eskubidea ere

(2) EBko estaturik gabeko nazioak (kasu, Katalunia edo/eta Euskal Herria) autodeterminazio eskubidea praktikan jarriz, EBko estatu berri bilakatu daitezke

(3) Eta estatu berri horiei Mosler-en proposamenak aplikatu dakizkieke

Izan ere (in Options for prosperity – Warren  Mosler (for ICEC – Basque Countries)),

In the following presentation Mosler deals with the options the eurozone has. He presents two plans for any member state in the eurozone, (in this work he deals with Italy).

Plan A is to work with the EU to expand fiscal limits.

A credible Plan B is essential to achieving Plan A.

Transitions Jobs are also necessary.

(The work can be applied to any member state in the eurozone, as well as to any new state that can arise through the application of the principle of self-determination.)”

Beraz, Kataluniak bere A eta B planak prestatu beharko lituzke, ahalik eta lasterren!

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