Pavlina Tcherneva

In the Spotlights: Pavlina Tcherneva1

Undergraduate thesis:

Her undergraduate honors thesis was a math model of how a monopoly currency issuer can use its price setting powers to produce long-run full employment with stable prices2.

Job guaratee, lan bermea: here is both a 15 minute video, and a 150 page book

Bretton Woods (II) eta DTM3: she helped organize a conference in Bretton Woods around this idea, which became the inaugural event of what has become known as Modern Monetary Theory.


Heske van Doornen4

Pavlina R Tcherneva@ptcherneva5

check out the work of my talented student @HeskevanDoornen. She creates the cartoons and writes for @TheMinskys too. 

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Irudiak: hemen eta hemen

3 Ikus Randall Wray-k DTM-ren historia:Without Pavlina there never would have been the 1996 meeting at Bretton Woods that served as the first conference for what would become MMT. It was titled “A Framework for Macroeconomic Analysis”.

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