Mario Draghi eta…

eta esaten duenaren azterketa1.

…eta W. Mosler2, bonoak direla eta.

eta QE eta Mosler3.

Surely You’re Joking4.

QE: EBrako irtenbidea?5

QE inozoentzat6

eta Ben Bernanke: Draghi No Longer Bernanke’s Best Friend7 (Or The End Of The Mainstream Theory Of QE)

(Gogoratu Ben Bernanke eta dirua inprimatzea8.)

eta neskato baten ‘erasoa’9


Bideoa: Mario Draghi Attacked by Protester at ECB Press Conference10

Iruzkina11: “She’s got more balls than Varoufakis and Tsipras combined.”

Josephine Witt neskatoaren manifestua12:

We own our own lives –

and in the face of the overwhelmingly powerful external
environment of the ECB’s monetary police,
sometimes it’s hard to remember.

We own our own lives –
and they’re not the chips in the ECB’s gambling game,
not to be played with, not to be sold, not to be devastated.

We own our own lives!
-will be the outcry of those who face repression,
when we begin to see our poverty not as personal defeat or unchangeable destiny.

master of the universe,
I come to remind you that there is no god,
but there are people, behind those lives,
and if you rule instead of serving,
you will hear our outcries louder, brighter, inside and outside your halls, everywhere, and you shall deserve no rest.

And while the ECB can only persist in its autocratic hegemony, depending on states of surveillance and police,
finally, the daily violence is enrooted here,
we will find our radical answers
and act with no violence against those human disasters.

Because we will not accept the insane narrative that the ECB wants to impose to all people wherein even freedom of speech and dignity can be sold to the bank in order to survive. Persisting in its arrogance against the people, the ECB increases perilously its own debt to them. A press conference is not enough to call it “democracy”.
I do not expect this illegitimate institution to hear my voice, neither to understand my message,

it would be too much to ask,
but I know for a fact that a lot of people do understand very well the matter.
Today I’m just a butterfly sending you a sentence, but be afraid more are coming. We will take back the power over our own lives.
The ECB’s debt is not yet paid.

Mario Draghi ala Josephine Witt?

9 Ikus ECB President Mario Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming “End ECB Dick-tatorship”: Halaber, ikus Protester Attacks Draghi At News Conference:r —> 6 foto.

12 Ikus Meet The Woman Who Attacked Mario Draghi: In Her Own Words:

Iruzkinak (3)

  • joseba

    The ECB Needs to Know Its Place
    The European Central Bank has far overstepped its mandate as a guardian of monetary stability. And a backlash is coming.

    “End the ECB dictatorship!” shouted Josephine Witt as she leapt onto the podium where Mario Draghi was giving a press conference on April 15, throwing confetti over the European Central Bank (ECB) president. While the lone protester’s “manifesto” was muddle-headed, she highlighted a genuine issue: The ECB is the world’s most extremely independent central bank and it abuses its vast, unaccountable power by acting in a brazenly political way on issues well outside its monetary-policy remit. It needs to be put in its place.
    The ECB’s power is exceptional.
    The ECB has also had a direct hand in setting fiscal policy and economy-wide reforms as part of the Troika (which also includes the IMF and the European Commission), which has run countries that have received EU-IMF loans — Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus — as quasi-colonies.
    Power corrupts. And unaccountable power corrupts absolutely. The ECB ought to stop meddling in political issues that are outside its remit for monetary policy and financial stability. It ought to relinquish its newly acquired powers to supervise and resolve eurozone banks to a separate agency that is independent of the banks and properly accountable to elected parliamentarians. It ought to be much more open and transparent about its activities, not least whom it conducts financial transactions with, and on what terms. Its officials ought to be sanctioned — and if necessary dismissed — by the European Parliament if they fail in their duties, or abuse their powers.
    If the ECB were wise, it would volunteer to do all this — or even call for such changes to be implemented in legislation. Since there is no sign of that happening, it will eventually face a much bigger democratic backlash than a lone protester throwing confetti.

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