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Warren B. Mosler #MMT@wbmosler

I’ve begun a draft of my progressive proposals that I am continually updating


2021 eka. 30

Progressive Proposals 7/01/21 draft in progress


Campaign Finance Reform:

Unlimited donations however 40% of any donation goes to the opposition.

No public funding. This goes a long way to leveling the playing field and

removing the influence of money in politics. 

Make guns and abortion state issues via constitutional amendment to

eliminate them as issues in Federal elections.

Ban internet advertising. I see no public purpose served and counterproductive negative consequences. These include exploitation of human vulnerabilities and addictive tendencies to both sell merchandise and, more disturbingly, to create, alter, and direct attitudes, behavior, and biases to promote political agendas.  

A 30mph speed limit for private transportation will provide a powerful incentive for upper income and high net worth individuals to implement higher speed and high quality resource saving public transportation. Furthermore, with the lower road speeds and vehicles built to go no more than 30mph, transport will be far safer and far more energy efficient. 

Facilitate public buses running on paved rail lines. This would be less than ½ the cost of commuting by rail and more efficient and convenient, while much faster than private 30mph vehicles. Using rail lines avoids traffic slowdowns saving travel time improving reliability. Rail can be retained for freight.  

5 watt max for home computers to reduce energy consumption. Without internet advertising far less power is needed. E readers, for example, consume less than 1 watt and work well for text, including email. The color screens with high power draws are needed only for viewing pictures.

Federal Job Guarantee: 

The Federal Government offers a job to anyone willing and able to work which promotes the transition from unemployment to private sector employment, thereby functioning as a superior price anchor vs unemployment. The FJG also functions to:

  1. Establish a national minimum wage/benefits via market forces
  2. Eliminate the negative externalities of unemployment
  3. Increase labor participation rates and thereby total output 

Permanent 0% policy rate:

a. Promotes price stability and reduces income distribution disparities

b. Eliminates government interest payments that are inflationary and

promote income distribution issues.

c. Sustains a non inflationary term structure of prices  

Limit Treasury securities issuance to 3 month bills to eliminate real costs and negative externalities associated with fixed income trading. 

Free Medicare for all

Free public education

Refinance outstanding student loans at 0% and 30 year amortization

Eliminate tax advantages for savings that constitute the highly problematic pools of managed funds.

Replace all taxation with a federal property tax, reducing real compliance costs by maybe 15% of GDP, with the redirection of this output providing public services including healthcare, public higher education, and public transport.

Eliminate all non strategic tariffs.

In addition to our buffer stock of crude oil, maintain buffer stocks of necessities subject to shortage, such as food and strategic materials and products.

Tort reform: If you get sued, you can go before a Judge without a lawyer to defend yourself. If you lose, you can go back to court with legal representation.

Equity market reform: All initial public offerings come at $10 per share, and the company subsequently offers unlimited amounts of shares at $20 per share.



Ruben Strauss@RSmaker25

eka. 30

Can you explain the equity market reform more? Is the goal to limit stocks to only achieving 100% returns?

Warren B. Mosler #MMT@wbmosler


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No, will elaborate further in the next update

2021 uzt. 2

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