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Warren Mosler: MMT and the Policy Paradigm Shift | Real Vision

I got a chance to sit down with the inventor of Modern Monetary Theory

@wbmosler and get his take on how economic policy has changed due to the pandemic


Warren Mosler: MMT and the Policy Paradigm Shift

Investment Ideas

Featuring Ed Harrison and Warren Mosler

Published on: June 16th, 2021

Duration: 82 minutes

Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison welcomes Warren B. Mosler, economist at Valance Co. Inc. and one of the pioneers of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), to explore the paradigm shifts in both monetary and fiscal policy through the lens of MMT. Much of the cause driving these paradigm shifts has been attributed to MMT, and in this light, Mosler dives deep into the restraints on policy, both self-imposed and naturally occurring, to understand its implications for the economy and for financial assets.

To learn more about the MMT framework itself, watch this interview with Mosler and Harrison from 2019: https://rvtv.io/3cJEkoe.

Filmed on June 11, 2021.

2021 eka. 16


Eka. 16

The sense I got is that:

1. No, Joe Biden is not ‘doing MMT’

2. There’s still confusion over what MMT is (a framework, not a set of policies)

3. Political constraints to thinking about policy through an MMT lens are underestimated



Anyone looking to understand how the changing policy landscape is reflective of MMT should watch this interview with @wbmosler

Thanks to @RealVision and @haleydrazfor getting this set up

2021 eka. 16



Is Joe Biden doing #MMT?”

@edwardnh sits down with economist at Valance Co & one of the pioneers of Modern Monetary Theory, @wbmosler for a look at the profound paradigm shifts in both monetary & fiscal policy that are now underway.

Watch https://rvtv.io/3zyIxEW

2021 eka. 17

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