Randall Wray-rekin elkarrizketa (Forum-en)

Forum with Randall Wray


Thank you to Randall Wray for coming on to talk!

FORUM Forum is a series where an expert comes on to discuss their field and take questions from a panel of youth in politics. We bring on guests for the discussion hoping to spark new perspectives for our listeners.

VERBUM X YIP Verbum was founded as an independent nonpartisan platform that ignites political discourse. YIP is a nonpartisan nonprofit that highlights youth voices while pushing for more youth involvement in politics. The Verbum X YIP merge will combine both forces to continue our mission. •

ABOUT We aim to spark conversation, push for more youth involvement, and highlight the challenging issues in politics. Welcome to VERBUM.

Bideoa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPFIDiwNOLA

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