Eskozia eta independentzia (Nor da nor? Who is who?)

Hasierarako, ikus Scotland: a nation cannot be independent and use another nation’s currency or even peg to it (

In Basque: Eskozia-ren independentziaz (eta Norvegia)

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  1. Derek Henry

Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 4:38

Here’s the truth of it…

The crux of the issue.

Why I left the so-called MMT’rs in Scotland. Who’s eyes glaze over when Warren talks about the MONOPOLY price setter or you get into the technicalities of the accounting and deeper aspects of trade and MMT. Moving goods and services around and inflation. It’s hieroglyphics to them.

I left because they are liars and MMT Scotland became the broom cupboard of Richard Murphy and the Common Weal. It is an outrage they call themselves MMT’rs in the first place. They are part of the SNP machinery. Looking for jobs with the SNP.

I got everybody together to set up MMT Scotland it was myself the BBC asked for to do the interview regarding MMT Scotland. Even though I stayed at the back and out of the limelight as I was never interested in being front and centre. Never wanted to be noticed but I knew MMT as I’ve been at this for over a decade.

Not 2 years like Malcolm or 6 months like Kairin van Sweeden. It was my £ thousands that made it happen. I even had to threaten to cancel the Glasgow event to get the rest of them to put their hands in their pockets. Then they ran off with the ticket money for both the Glasgow and Edinburgh events. They think they are MMT experts but They are anything but. Why they dropped MMT from the name They couldn’t live up to it. God knows how many times They tried to write a job guarentee paper and failed.

They all know what the SNP is offering is not independence. I’ve got emails between myself and Robin Macalpine of the Common weal to prove it.They all know it but refuse to talk about it. It is their policy not to talk about it and cuddle Richard Murphy instead. Avoid speaking about the EU at all costs.

Why – Why did they choose to do this.?

Because the Scottish electorate are ill informed about the EU and the majority support it. They don’t want to scare the horses because all that matters is independence. By telling the truth they will scare the horses and never get independence. The SNP and so called MMT’rs strategy in Scotland is clear milk Lib Dem and Labour voters so they can win the independence vote promising the heart of Europe.

Robin Macalpine does not have The funds or the will to take on either Civic Scotland or The SNP.

The So called MMT’rs have deluded themselves to believe they can win independence and then somehow stop the SNP at the last minute before the SNP rejoin the heart of Europe. Read Kairin and Malcolm’s comments that is what they believe. That is what they have pinned their hopes on.

Delusional beyond ignorance. The SNP are laughing at them. Just read the Growth commission and what all the top SNP people and Andrew Wilson say on a daily basis. They are all pro EU and because those people who go to conference don’t know any different they will ride rough shod over the top of all of them. When it gets voted on at conference.

Karin says Scottish people should vote on the EU, that is their democratic right. How can that be when the majority don’t even know what they are voting for? Because modern money Scotland and Indy think tanks will not and refuse to talk about it.

They all called me a liar when I walked away they said I misrepresented them. I refuse to work with liars and told everyone this is who they are. I’ve highlighted it many times.

Yet they have been up and running for 3 years. There’s all sorts of papers on modern money Scotland website. Not one about the EU. Not one so who was the liar Karin? Just By reading Karin’s and Malcolms comments you can see what they are all about. Lie to the people of Scotland get Indy first then try and talk about the EU. By then it’s too late of course.

I walked away because they didn’t stay MMT consistent. It was Richard Murphy’s version of MMT. Take the bits they liked get rid of the bits they don’t. Which again shows they don’t even understand the lens but pretend they do. Fail to recognise what the MMT economists out together works together not in isolation.

I walked away because I believed we should have been telling the truth to the people of Scotland from day one. The MMT way- tell the truth and let the people of Scotland make a decision on independence so the people of Scotland understood fully what type of independence the SNP were offering. If that meant a NO vote so be it. At least the voters would have the full picture regarding the EU and what it was the SNP were selling.

That’s the MMT way. Not what Karin and Malcolm are doing keeping the people of Scotland in the dark after making a decision never to talk about or publish anything on Modern money Scotland about the EU. Hoodwink and lie to the people of Scotland to get independence first regardless of the consequences. Even if that means being tied to Europe forever.

I’m very confident I will be proved right in the end and these liars will ultimately be seen for what they are charlitans. I’m very confident if Scotland wins the independence vote they will remain tied fully to the EU and the nightmare that it is. Tied to neo!liberal central. Then Robin Macalpine the Common weal and modern money Scotland and Richard Murphy will have some explaining to do. Malcolm and Karin will vanish disappear and blame someone else call everyone liars when they are the charlitans. Once the reality bites of living under EU rules takes hold. The people of Scotland will turn on all of them with a vengeance.

They will have lied to win the Indy vote. Lie to try and disown what they created afterwards it is what amateurs do. While I watch from afar saying I told you so. More importantly my conscience will be clear because I told the truth from day one. That means more to me than anything else.

They scurry around the many different MMT economists until they find ones who they can hang on to. They lie to them as well. When MMT economists explain the truth they scurry to Richard Murphy. Anything but tell the truth about the EU. Anything to keep quiet for that little bit longer. Hang onto anybody that allows them to milk Lib Dem and Labour voters longer with the promise of Europe to win Indy.

After the people of Scotland turn on them they’ll end up with nobody…. You’ll see.

The liars that got Scotland trapped is what they will all be remembered for.

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  1. Derek Henry

Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 4:49

They can call me a liar again on here after I posted the truth above.

I simply don’t care. If Scotland’s wins independence I will be proved right again. You’ll all see these liars won’t be able to stop the SNP.

Ask them

Ask them to show you the dozen or so articles the MMT’rs in Scotland have written about during the last 3 years on the topic of the EU and what the SNP are offering. Ask the MMT’rs in Scotland to show you what they even think about the EU. Ask modern money Scotland to show you what they have written.

Nothing they can’t show you a God damn thing. They lie about it instead and lied for over 3 years. They’ve never written one article and then have the utter brass neck to call themselves MMT’rs.

Ask them…

Richard Murphy has written 2 articles in 5 years and he writes 5 articles a day. Lied the rest of the time the true Mark of a complete and utter charlitan.

(iii) Hirugarren iruzkin


Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 5:29

 “but the EU question has to be separated from the initial issue of independence and currency.”

   See delusional beyond ignorance. Thick as mince .

The SNP has been screaming at Malcolm for 15 years that in fact it isn’t separated that they don’t want it to be separated.. No he’s not deaf just stupid and chooses to       ignore what the SNP has been shouting for 15 years. He’s even read the Growth commission and still doesn’t hear it.

How many times does Nicola Sturgeon have to say ”heart of Europe” On TV before Malcolm gets it. He’ll just about get it after the SNP have left a footprint all over his   face after marching right over the top of him at conference.

A complete idiot who thinks he can stop the SNP via Facebook after lying to the people of Scotland for years. Indy is all that matters come he’ll or high water regardless what type of Indy it is.

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