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Bill Mitchell-en You lost! Badly! Humility not hubris is needed in order for British Labour to regenerate


(i) Galdu egin dute

When the Remain vote lost the June 2016 Referendum there was a sense of denial. They had lost but only because of the ingrates that voted the Leave. And sooner, rather than later, those dolts would soon have the so-called Bregrets and another vote would be held and the Remainers would win. That sense of denial persisted past the 2017 General Election, which should have consolidated Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, but didn’t. The biting sense of privilege that the Remain camp seemed to construct for itself slowly but surely ate into the Labour Party leadership, regularly feeding news stories to the press and social media about the impending doom facing the British economy (Project Fear), and pushing the myth (supported by all sorts of interpretable public polls) that a ‘peoples’ vote’ (I am not sure what they thought the Referendum was) was inevitable and would reverse the 2016 choice and restore equanimity. And the Labour leadership crumbled in the face of this onslaught from within and abandoned their previous commitments to their constituencies, which the majority of their elected MPs represented, and went along with this ‘peoples’ vote’ nonsense. The Tories, meanwhile, realised that the underlying sentiment that drove the Brexit choice was consolidating and pushed through a General Election which categorically demonstrated that the Labour Party were nowhere near the mark. That was a disastrous loss in any one’s estimation for Labour. But, still in denial, the apparatchiks in the Party, the hangers on, the wannabees, whatever you choose to call them are out there on social media now claiming that, in fact, despite the humiliating devastation at the December 15 polls, that the Labour Party’s agenda has been accepted as the norm – ‘we won the argument’ – and that they as good as won the election. And meanwhile, the leading contender for the leadership is suggesting they will campaign to be readmitted to the European Union. It is hard to make this sort of stuff up. A lost generation for Labour coming up unless it gets real.


(ii) Austeritatea eta Toryen politika berria

10 years of pernicious austerity does not get rolled back in one fiscal year. It may take a generation to roll back the extreme damage the neoliberals (both Tories and before them the Blairites) have inflicted on Britain.

But the 2020 fiscal intervention is clearly not an austerity action. It is expansion and will create higher incomes, more jobs and do political wonders (I suspect) for the Tories.

There are many things about the Tory’s fiscal strategy that I do not agree with but it is certainly expansionary and will improve the material standard of living of many British people.

And, it will help Britain overcome the Brexit dislocation, which is what I predicted all along. The fiscal capacity of the Government was always going to be sufficient, if used, to prevent catastrophe post-Brexit.


The subordination of fiscal policy (accountable and elected representatives) to monetary policy (unelected and unaccountable technocrats) is one of the classic ‘Monetarist’ coups over the last several decades.

It is consistent with what Thomas Fazi and I denoted depoliticisation in our recent book – Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto Books, 2017).


Austerity is not supported by an increasing majority of persons and this view does not divide between the new Tories and the old Tories.

Both groups are now increasingly voicing a view that fiscal deficits are not a key problem and that austerity should be abandoned in favour of nation-building.

Meanwhile, Labour still talks in Fiscal Credibility Rule terms and frames.

They have really missed the shift and will have to catch up fast.


(1) Even before the coronavirus crisis – which dwarfs anything I have ever experienced or lived through – the tide was quickly turning away from the neoliberal austerity mentality towards fiscal dominance.

(2) The British Tory Government knew that it would have to use fiscal interventions of significant proportions to defend the economy as it made its transition out of the European Union.

That has nothing at all to do with Labour’s Manifesto plans.

(3) And the coronavirus has accentuated the capacity of the currency issuer to maintain economic stability in the wake of a massive demand and supply shock.

(4) Labour supporters would be better off if they realised they lost – and lost badly – and it was because of all the hubris of their ‘intellectual’ urban lobbies, who proved to be ‘too smart by half’ in their assessments and judgements.

(5) Humility is needed now.

(6) The Tories are leaving them behind.

Derek Henry-ren iruzkinak Britainia Handiaz, Brexit-ez, Eskoziaz eta The Guardian egunkariaz



  1. Derek HenryTuesday, March 17, 2020I’ m convinced that is the reason why the liberal left and liberal right tried so hard to overturn the brexit result. All the lies and deceit they have told for nearly 50 years would be exposed after brexit and they knew it.

    Leavers could no longer just point at the EU and blame them. Now they have to do some real work and not just turn up and cut ribbons outside a new supermarket or serve lentil soup to old people over Xmas.

    The liberal left and right will now have to explain why the sky didn’t fall in or the ground open up after brexit. Instead of telling the truth they will probably continue with the lies and deceit to cover up 50 years of liberal horse shit.

    Not one political party who pretends to be from the left came up with or supported a LEXIT vision or plan. It was a no brainer, the biggest oppertunity the left has ever had since I was born and they blew it. The liberals neutered Corbyn and in Scotland The Scottish Liberal Party run by Nicola Sturgeon and her merry band of liberal lawyers and bankers want to be run by Brussels.

    Not one of them having the brains to come up with a LEXIT vision free from the neoliberal fiscal rules. Shows cleary the state of the left in the UK dancing to the tune of the liberal media.

    They are not even going to try and fix that. They are going to work night and day to make sure the choice at the ballot box is from the liberal left and right. Making sure Politics stay on the right wing spectrum calling it The middle ground.

    That will be the end of them. The Labour party will split wondering why the voters have abandoned them and left in the wilderness for another 50 years. Whilst Brussels sells Scotland to the highest bidder.

    They learned nothing from George Monbiot book “captive state” the destruction left behind by Blair and Brown, the liberal take over of the British Labour Party.

  2. Derek HenryTuesday, March 17, 2020The Guardian Newspaper.

    The neoliberal rag that pretends it is left wing has played a HUGE role in turning the Labour party into what it has become. Continues to support the myths regarding the monetary system that has turned The Observer into a Sunday morning cartoon.

    The editor of the Guardian is a massive player and has real power within UK politics and has let down millions of people over different generations. They are the hand in the glove of the liberal left and should never be underestimated.

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