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Clinical trials on humans using existing vaccines to produce a preventative drug to stop transmission of the #coronavirus, #COVID19 by @oriolmitja, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Global Health in #Barcelona on @BBCWorld

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2020 mar. 19



Oriol Mitja@oriolmitja

BBC World Se hace eco de nuestro ensayo clínico sobre la quimioprofilaxis para proteger contra SARS-CoV-2

Our clinical trial on chemeprophylaxis to protect against SARS-CoV-2 is echoed

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Oriol Mitja@oriolmitja

Qué medicamento daremos a personas con COVID19 y a sus contactos?

What are theses drugs already used for?

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Oriol Mitja@oriolmitja

Cómo de rápido han respondido los países a la epidemia ?

How quickly countries have gone to epidemic control?

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2020 mar. 19



Bicman” @JordiMagria1

Gràcies a tot el conjunts de sanitari@s que lluita contra aquest virus de manera incansable, jugant-se la seva salut. No puc dibuixar la cara de tot@s, dibuixo a l’Oriol Mitjà per la seva tascà en representació a tots ells. GRÀCIES! Si et sumes al meu agraïment fes RT.


2020 mar. 19


a) DTM eta koronabirusa

In Bill Mitchell-en Australian labour market – mediocre and worse to come





  1. Gogs Thursday, March 19, 2020Coronavirus – the ultimate testIt seems that the virus has reached its peak in China and is now due to fall and this may be followed more quickly worldwide than initially supposed.In view of the colossal global fiscal injection already committed it is possible therefore that the efforts to sustain living standards and associated infrastructure investments will achieve their aim (notwithstanding all the friction generated in trying to ascertain who should get what and when).What next? All this has to be unwind to some extent as economies recover – some obviously more quickly than others. It is timely for MMT devotees to describe the process involved and the principles involved in ensuring that the results are thriving economies free of large disruptive imbalances or inflationary bias.

    Is anyone willing to embark on this explanatory task for us.

  2. Neil Halliday Thursday, March 19, 2020Gogs, The explanation itself (of the “unwinding”) is desperately simple – recognise the money creation capacity of the currency issuer; its reception by the central bank chiefs is the tricky bit.
  3. Gogs Thursday, March 19, 2020 Thanks Neil for your reference to the central bank’s role in the unwinding process, but I am still having difficulty in determining how MMT principles will be applied in practice in what is likely to be a highly politically dominated process.I am envisaging a sequence of events where there may be conflicting views of how the “unwinding” process should be prioritized (I cannot for instance, see all elements of society being satisfied with the pace at which life returns to some acceptable level of activity – something which has its origins in the government’s original endeavours to meet the differing conditions of employee and gig sectors, for example. And of course, there will be many other such conflicts of equity and priority.
  4. Derek HenryThursday, March 19, 2020The unwinding will be the same old same old.Deficits have to be slashedNational debt has to be halved. They will set an imaginary figure that needs to be reached.Cuts will have to be made on all the per usual scale goats.

    They will not go off script they will stay to it to the letter. Exactly, what happened after the financial crash.

    It will be imperative for MMT’rs to highlight the flaws and myths in their arguments now the curtain has been pulled back.

    I would not be surprised in the future if a MMT economist writes a book about it. How MMT principles were used during the virus.

  5. Derek HenryThursday, March 19, 2020 Thinking about it. It would be a fascinating book.Using the time line of the virus and using every response each continent used, over laying all of those with the fundamentals of MMT. Showing how MMT’rs were right all along and should be used during normal times. Highlighting the flaws and myths right across the timeline in mainstream thinking.
  6. Gogs Friday, March 20, 2020You see the future of this crisis a little differently to me, Derek. If I have interpreted your remarks correctly the criticism you make is on the historic role of monetary economics (mainstream). But I see a Western world that has absorbed the lessons (finally) of Keynes (Kalecki) and is prepared to run up GDP deficits that were previously considered sinful (I take Trump as an example).The result of international economics having observed an ideological illumination is that the focus of attention shifts from balanced budgets to the desire to allocate resources more beneficial to the well-being of society.That transformation throws the responsibility on politicians to find an appropriate policy format rather than hide behind the competitive process of a capitalistic market place. But politicians are nevertheless, still going to find it extremely hard to prioritize policy that will satisfy society’s many factions – in fact it will be much harder in many respects than relying on an abstract arbitrator like “The Market”.That’s why I think the post-caronavirus political economy will be rather fascinating.
  7. Paulo Marques Friday, March 20, 2020> It seems that the virus has reached its peak in China and is now due to fall and this may be followed more quickly worldwide than initially supposed.It’s hard to believe it can be contained effectively everywhere while life returns to normal, it’s characteristics make it very hard to track with freedom of movement and gathering. It’s much more likely that we are going to have several waves with varying levels of restrictions until it no longer threatens health system collapse.
    Unless it mutates, then all bets are off.
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  9. Neil Wilson Friday, March 20, 2020Unless it mutates, then all bets are off.”How viruses “mutate” is fascinating – particularly RNA viruses like this one. Essentially these viruses replicate themselves by causing a cell to create bits of virus and the new viruses are formed via the quantum mechanical effects of protein folding. Which means that if a cell happens to be infected by two or three different viruses the resulting virus that reconstructs can be a chimera of all of them. That effect is most pronounced when you have lots of viruses flying around in a dirty space with live hosts in close proximity – Chinese wet markets and First World War trenches.
  10. Newton Finn Friday, March 20, 2020I’m with Gogs. There may never be a better teaching opportunity for MMT than the proposing of solutions to the current corona virus panic/pandemic–not on the medical side, of course, but on the economic side; i.e., HOW WE PAY FOR what needs to be done to protect public health and mitigate recession/depression. I hope that as we speak, the key figures in the MMT movement are following Bill’s lead and teleconferencing to come up with detailed proposals to present, as a united front, to currency-sovereign countries struggling to control this crisis. Has there ever been a time when the concept of fiat money, invested wisely and responsibly, might be better received by both politicians and the public?
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  12. Derek HenryFriday, March 20, 2020I hope Gogs and Newton are right out future depends on it.But we have been here before. I just can’t see them surrendering what they have built over decades.It will still be one he’ll of a fight.I explained it to my colleagues showing and explaining to them how the truth is staring them in the face. They still do not get it and it is there right in front of them.They say our taxes will need to go up or we will be leaving the debt to our children and grandchildren. When I asked them where all this money is coming from. The money has to come from somewhere they do not believe where it comes from when you tell them.

    How hard do you think it will be for the neoliberals to keep the hundreds of millions on side who think like that and they control the media. When the vast majority can’t see it when it is right in front of them ??

    Try it with your friends and family and colleagues and see what response you get. They will look at you as if you have 3 heads. When the truth is right under their noses.

    It is a fantastic opportunity for us but they are not going to surrender. They would rather rewrite history and lie about it just like the financial crash.

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