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(a) Scott Fullwiler



A payroll tax cut isn’t the direct approach to supporting incomes/meeting pmt obligations needed in the current environment BUT … at the same time “payroll tax cut threatens future of Social Security & Medicare” is the WRONG argument against it …

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Scott Fullwiler@stf18

2018 eka. 8

1/n There are 3 separate issues regarding ability to provide SS/Medicare in future yearsfinancial ability to pay, legal authority to pay, & productive capacity to provide increasing standard of living to future workers & non-workers.

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2020 mar. 17

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(b) Nazioarteko afera

Alfred de Zayas eta koronabirusa

(c) Alfred de Zayas eta koronabirusa (segida)

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

The whole world — not just a single country — is suffering a “humanitarian crisis”. Responsibility to protect requires immediate lifting of sanctions and financial blockades #COVID2019

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

FDR told us “the only thing to fear is fear itself”, Seneca too Timendi causa est nescire — the cause of fear is ignorance. #COVID2019

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Although common sense dictates that in a world-wide emergency countries should cooperate, I do not see the US lifting its sanctions against #Iran, #Cuba, #Venezuela, etc. #COVID2019

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

When all of humanity is at risk, it is time to recognize commonalities and put aside old grudges and rivalries. #COVID2019

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Surely if the Earth were being attacked by an extra-terrestial enemy, we would join forces in international solidarity. Why not to combat Covid-19? #COVID2019

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

When misfortune strikes, people try to pin the blame on someone — the old scapegoating syndrome.

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Conspiracy theories are comforting because they allow us to postulate “good guy/bad guy” scenarios.

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Conspiracy theories do not help — preventive measures do.

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Austerity measures should start with the military — the criminal waste of resources entailed in wars, war-propaganda and research into lethal autonomous weapon systems.

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Covid-19 should teach all governments that “austerity measures” in the health sector are dangerous — and morally wrong.

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

The US is reacting to Covid-19 as amateurishly as it countered the Katrina disaster in Louisiana or the Houston floods in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Alfred de Zayas@Alfreddezayas

Today’s public health emergency should have been foreseen and preventive measures should have been in place. Our governments have the wrong priorities.

(d) Pavlina Tcherneva


Pavlina R Tcherneva@ptcherneva

What should the post-pandemic stimulus include and how shall we pay for it.

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2020 mar. 18


Oriol Mitjà

(a) Espainian: https://elpais.com/espana/catalunya/2020-03-16/la-epidemia-de-coronavirus-era-evitable.html

(b) Katalunian: http://www.flsida.org/ca/blog/lassaig-clinic-liderat-oriol-mitja-sera-primer-al-mon-frenar-transmissio-covid-19

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