Bill Mitchell: aurkezpena Italiako Senatuan, Erroman

Presentation at the Italian Senate building, Rome, February 7, 2018


… today I am publishing the video of my presentation at the Italian Senate last Friday (February 7, 2020).

This visit to Rome last week was at the invitation of – Senator Gianluigi Paragone – who entered the Senate as a member of the Five Star Movement, but at the start of this year left the Party and is now an independent.

He was excluded by the M5S because he voted against the Government’s 2020 fiscal law.

I spoke on the theme ‘MMT: A new paradigm in economics to get us out of crisis’.

The event was held in collaboration with Nuovo Direzione and the venue was the Italian Senate building – the Palazzo Giustiniani, Rome.

The date was Friday, February 7, 2020.

The video goes for about 35:25 minutes.

The video footage and audio was kindly supplied by Enrico Cavaglia from Rome.

And Thomas Fazi provided the interpreting services for the event. The video cuts all the Italian interpreting out and that is why there are a lot of cuts and you see Thomas occasionally.

Sequential translation like this is the hardest format for a speaker because one has to stop every few sentences or so and then try to keep the thread going after the translation is finished.

The speaker has to avoid the use of colloquialisms and mostly refrain from jokes because they lose immediacy in this format.

So if the presentation appears somewhat stilted and without humour that is why.

The audio is very ‘spacy’ but that is mostly due to the old room I was speaking in. I could only massage so much of the echo out of the original.

William Mitchell Italian Senate February 7 2020

At the invitation of Senator Gianluigi Paragone, I spoke about MMT as a new paradigm in economics to resolve the crisis the world is in after several decades of neoliberalism. The event was organised in collaboration with Nuovo Direzione. It was held at the Palazzo Giustiniani, Rome, February 7, 2020. Thanks to Thomas Fazi for his skilled interpreting. Note, the video only shows the English presentation without the Italian translation. Thanks to Enrico Cavaglia for the video footage and audio.


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