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(a) Pavlina Tcherneva


Pavlina R Tcherneva@ptcherneva

Excited to announce my new book “The Case for a Job Guarantee” #JobGuarantee #DemocraticDebate


The Case for a Job Guarantee

Pavlina R. Tcherneva

One of the most enduring ideas in economics is that unemployment is both unavoidable and necessary for the smooth functioning of the economy. This assumption has provided cover for the devastating social and economic costs of job insecurity. It is also false.

In this book, leading expert Pavlina R. Tcherneva challenges us to imagine a world where the phantom of unemployment is banished and anyone who seeks decent, living-wage work can find it – guaranteed. This is the aim of the Job Guarantee proposal: to provide a voluntary employment opportunity in public service to anyone who needs it.  Tcherneva enumerates the many advantages of the Job Guarantee over the statu quo and proposes a blueprint for its implementation within the wider context of the need for a Green New Deal.

This compact primer is the ultimate guide to the benefits of one of the most transformative public policies being discussed today. It is essential reading for all citizens and activists who are passionate about social justice and building a fairer economy.

2019 urr. 16


Pavlina Tcherneva euskaraz

(b) Stephanie Kelton


Stephanie Kelton@StephanieKelton

OK, I’m excited. Available for pre-order.

2019 mai. 21


Stephanie Kelton (lehengo Stephanie Bell) euskaraz

Gozatu bi liburuak! Enjoy them!

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