Zer da DTM (Diru Teoria Modernoa)?

What is MMT?1

MMT began largely a description of monetary operations, which are best thought of as debits and credits to accounts kept by banks, businesses, and individuals.

(Warren Mosler)

Sistema monetarioak nola funtzionatzen duen aritzen da DTM.


Fadhel Kaboub@FadhelKaboub


I get asked questions like this all the time “Is #MMT consistent with a post-capitalist system? #Socislism? #Imperialism? XYZism?” MMT is compatible with any political system. 1/n

2019 aza. 26

Fadhel Kaboub@FadhelKaboub


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#MMT is an analytical approach that carefully estimates how much fiscal policy space a country has to meet its national priorities without causing #inflation. 2/n

Fadhel Kaboub@FadhelKaboub

Those national priorities are determined by a political system that can be participatory/dictatorial/fascist/capitalist/socialist/communist, or whatever. 3/n

Fadhel Kaboub@FadhelKaboub

Most people still don’t fully understand how #capitalism works. If they did, they’d be a #revolution. #MMT provides a more focused lens to complement the political economy critiques of capitalism.4/n

Fadhel Kaboub@FadhelKaboub

Then we can sit down and design that post-capitalist system you speak of, and we’ll invent a nice “ism” name for it too. I just want it to be a participatory democracy that is equitable, just, peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous. 5/5

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