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Wray Appearing Before Congress


L. Randall Wray will be providing testimony for Congress on November 20 at 10 am. The topic is the government debt and deficits. His full statement will be available at 10:30AM at the Levy Institute. His goal is to explain a) why we needn’t fear sovereign government deficits and debt; b) why in some important sense, deficits and rising debt are “normal”; c) the deficit is in any case largely outside the control of Congress; d) deficits and rising debt ratios will not lead to government insolvency or bankruptcy; e) all government payments can be made on time, unless f) Congress forces a default (due to the debt ceiling it imposes). The statement will provide a lot of new data related to these topics.

The link to the webcast is: https://budget.house.gov/legislation/hearings/reexamining-economic-costs-debt


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#ModernMonetaryTheory economist L. Randall Wray will be speaking to the House Budget Committee (@HouseBudgetDems/@housebudgetGOP) about the disaster of austerity and misplaced fears about the national debt at 10 am (EST) on November 20th. #MMT

Reexamining the Economic Costs of Debt

On November 20th, the House Budget Committee will hear testimony from a variety of perspectives on this fresh debate and its implications for budget policy going forward.


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From our library: A Balanced Budget Amendment Would Be Disastrous.

MMT: A Balanced Budget Amendment Would Be Disastrous

Professor L. Randall Wray and Steve Grumbine of Real Progressives discussing the proposed Balance Budget Amendment (BBA) to the US Constitution. Such an amen…

Bideoa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLZJAgo9FgHWajc5BdOP8e75eddFmWhtzh&v=8HmoA0zRAhs&feature=emb_logo

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(iii) Euskal Herriko Kongresuan (ala Kongresuetan?) around 2.219…

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