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Travelling all day today …


I am in transit for most of today on my way back from London to Sydney after a week of presentations, meetings and discussions. A lot has been achieved I think in the last week as Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) networks expand and more activists get involved. I had a particularly interesting session yesterday in London ‘training’ MMT activists in strategies, building tools for discussion, and discussing framing and language ideas. There will be footage of that session available in due course. For now the video of my presentation in Glasgow last Thursday evening and some great Count Ossie. (…)

Video of my presentation in Glasgow, Thursday, May 9, 2019

Modern Monetary Theory and Scotland

Here is the full video of my presentation last week in Glasgow.

MMT SCOTLAND Bill Mitchell

The principles of MMT and how Scotland could run a successful economy for the benefit of all.

Bill Mitchell is one of the founding proponents of MMT and is Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE) at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales.

Bill has co-authored numerous books. Most recent titles included “Eurozone Dystopia, Groupthink and denial on a grand scale”, “Reclaiming The State”, and most recently an economics text book “Macroeconomics” which was released in Feb 2019.

As well as being a prolific author, Bill hosts his own hugely informative and very popular daily economics blog “billy blog


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