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Draft of slides I’ll be using:



2019 mar. 25

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If we replace income taxes with a real estate tax 1) wouldn’t it have to be very high? and 2) it wouldn’t be countercyclical, so the number of JG workers would fluctuate much more?

Maybe 5 or 6% of value. And jg vol probably depends more on other factors.

Where does taxation on problematic, harmful parts of society come in? Like combustion engines, fossil fuels, excessive wealth accumulation, plutocratic bribery, etc.?

Just ban the first two, and the rest is in the slides

  1. D. Chance Gold‏ @DChanceGold

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Why do you claim: -The currency is a public monopoly -The US government, as sole supplier of those $US What about all the $US created by private banks when they make loans?

Banks are agents of the fed, fully regulated and supervised, and tax payments ultimately debit reserves which come only from the fed.

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    Kaivey said…
    If there is one thing I have noticed about Stephanie Kelton is that she is a very gentle person, and here Warren Mosler is enforcing her for president.

    No more war, better trade deals with Russia and China, less poverty in the U.S, a single payer have with deal, and lots of people finding non stressful, enjoyable work within the job guarantee, which will be a great way for the unemployed to meet new people and get a social life. One way of getting yourself up the ladder is to have more contacts, which the job guarantee will bring about, and so it will generate more work in the long run.

    Who said Warren Mosler was not a left progressive? But just being a centrist makes you a leftie nowadays, as the right and centre have moved so much further to the obnoxious looney right.
    March 26, 2019

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