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Stephanie Kelton‏@StephanieKelton

The right way to budget for a #GreenNewDeal is the way JM Keynes approached the question in his “How to Pay for the War.” i.e. national resource planning. It wasn’t about where to get the money. It was about how to manage the transition to a war economy.

Here’s what Keynes did. We need to do something very similar, but with the goal of transitioning to a green economy. …

There’s a climate town hall tonight. I hope someone will step up and make the case for mission-oriented budgeting to plan the transition to a green economy. This is the fight of (and for) our lives. …

Remember, Thatcher was lying in order to divide us. There *is* public money. It exists to serve society. (She was wrong about society too.) #GreenNewDeal

Stephanie Kelton‏ @StephanieKelton

If you are a progressive, and you’re fixated on raising taxes to “pay for” everything, you are embracing a fundamentally neoliberal (Thatcher-like) approach to public finance.

2018 abe. 3

Hortaz, aspalditik ezagutu dugun moduan, Ezker Abertzalea erabat thatcherista da, alegia, eskubikoa!

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