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Deficit Owls ?‏ @DeficitOwls


Deficit Owls (e)k Bertxiotua Kate Bahn

Great quote, cool mug.

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Kate Bahn‏ @LipstickEcon


For the cynical and self-aware economist: Joan Robinson mugs with her quote “the purpose of studying economics is… to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists.” https://society6.com/product/joan-robinson_mug?sku=s6-8742430p30a27v199 …

2018 ots. 28

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Lars Jorgensen‏ @LarsDenmar urt. 6


My resource page on MMT. I recommend that beginners begin with videos (down on page) by Mitchell “introduction to MMT”. Then Mosler video what MMT tells us about economic policy. And then @StephanieKelton excellent short video – all 3 marked with “Musthttps://homosociologicus.com/neoliberalism-3

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MMT Basic Presentations & Interviews (video)


MUST: “We are destroying our civilization because of a wrong economic thinking”, Warren Mosler interview: ‘What MMT Tells Us About Economic Policy, 2013 

MUST: Bill Mitchell: Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory, March 2015 

MUSTThere IS Money For Good Things – Professor Stephanie Kelton, 2018

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