Autodeterminazioa (Alfred de Zayas)


In February of 2018 I was invited to speak at the European Parliament– once on behalf of the right of self-determination of the Catalans, once on behalf of the Armenians of Nagorno Karabagh.

Here the link to one of my video interviews in Brussel

Ignoring self-determination violates EU’s founding pillars” Alfred De Zayas


On 9 October 2018 I participated on a panel in The Hague, together with former Rapporteur Ben Emmerson, and we both emphasized the role of self-determination as a conflict-prevention measure.  I also gave an interview to the press.

Alfred de Zayas. Interview on The Catalan Question and International Law. An interview with professor Alfred de Zayas.


If the United Nations wants to be relevant, it is high time that it adopt preventive measures to accommodate the aspiration of so many peoples who today demand self-determination, and so many who tomorrow will be demanding it too.  The most noble role of the UN would be to mediate — and, where appropriate, to organize self-determination referenda

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