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Just found this old beauty of @wbmosler on Fox ? Mosler: “When you have a non-convertible currency and a floating exchange rate, all government spending is merely changing numbers in banking accounts

Varney: “I gotta go cause I’m out of time, and my head’s spinning!”

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Typo: should be *bank* accounts But ¯\_()_/¯

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Feeling my age watching this… 😉

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The “old” was meant to suggest not last year, or yesterday. Twitter time. 😉

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Never saw that one. Whenever @wbmosler spreads the good news it’s #MindBlown

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Always brilliant but also succinct, nonchalant and matter-of-fact. Mosler style: “C’mon, man, it’s simple, how come you don’t understand this stuff?”

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Thank you. Hadn’t seen.

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Here’s the full: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4250679/  Too good not to clip.

Spending Necessary for Economic Recovery

May. 07, 2011 – 6:16 – Center for Economic and Public Policy’s Warren Mosler argues further government spending is necessary to improve the economy.

Kevin V

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He had a bunch of good appearances on RT as well years ago.

Kevin V

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Here he speaks on his book 7 Deadly Economic Frauds which was my intro to MMT

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What he is saying is that “None of it is real”. Just accountants laughing at us all. Hahaha

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Freakin’ awesome!

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@majorityfm @SamSeder @_michaelbrooks. This is good mine varney head spinning moment. He has no idea how the economy and finance works.

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Poor Varney, cannot compute numbers being changed in accounts……..

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Ping @craigthomler @wbmosler made megabucks betting on the lira when everybody else was betting against, because he correctly perceived that the currency *couldn’t* go into default (unless the government chose to).

Dan Nahum‏ @Dan_Nahum abu. 3

(These are my role models; people who can and do identify when the conventional wisdom is wrong.)

Ragged Trousered Lawyer

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Varney playing the “intellectual” card. ?


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Jeez! Fox show this, but @BBCNews have never broadcast anything other than voodoo economics like “The debt has to be paid back”, “Taxpayers money”, “paid for by general taxation” hogwash. BBC going down the tubes!!! (& taking ordinary folk with them, as planned?)

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