Pavlina Tcherneva-k lan bermeaz, berriz

Pavlina Techerneva-k: lan berme baten ondorio makroekonomikoak

LEFT OUT: Pavlina Tcherneva on the macroeconomic effects of a job guarantee


In this episode of Left Out, Paul Sliker speaks with Pavlina Tcherneva at the Levy Economics Institute about the macroeconomic effects of a federal job guarantee, the common criticisms around its design and implementation, and much more.

Pavlina Tcherneva is a leading American economist and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) scholar. She’s currently the Director of the Economics Program at Bard College and a Research Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute. Follow her on Twitter: @ptcherneva

Timestamps of topics discussed:

Introduction to Pavlina Tcherneva (4:27)

Hyman Minsky and Post-Keynesian Institutionalism (12:14)

How economists and the general public misread and misinterpret the work of John Maynard Keynes (17:00)

The problems of income inequality and unemployment as a window for understanding the need for a job guarantee (21:40)

Addressing criticisms on the funding of a job guarantee (28:24)

Addressing criticisms of the design of a job guarantee (31:00)

Addressing concerns of a job guarantee creating “make work” and “bullshit jobs” (38:03)

Addressing concerns of how a federal job guarantee can ensure states, local governments and communities will create enough jobs (43:55)

On the role of the Federal Reserve in managing the macroeconomy, employment, and the conceptual misunderstandings of unemployment (47:14)

On the importance of the job guarantee pegging the US dollar to labor (53:06)

A job guarantee versus a universal basic income (57:40)

The job guarantee in Argentina in the aftermath of its 2001 economic crisis (104:45)

Outlook on the US economy if we remain without policies like a job guarantee (1:12:32)

Reports mentioned in this conversation:

The Job Guarantee: Design, Jobs, and Implementation (Pavlina Tcherneva; Levy Economics Institute)…implementation

Inequality Update: Who Gains When Income Grows? (Pavlina Tcherneva; Levy Economics Institute)…n-income-grows

For more of Pavlina Tcherneva’s work on the federal job guarantee and much more, please visit:

To learn more about the Levy Economics Institute and the research and publications of their other leading scholars, please visit:

Pavlina Tcherneva-k: lan bermeak dolarra lan-indarrari lozen dio

[TEASER] Pavlina Tcherneva on how a job guarantee pegs the dollar to labor


In this Left Out teaser, economist Pavlina Tcherneva explains how if the US Government were to initiate a federal job guarantee, it would be pegging the US Dollar to labor and creating a condition where human labor becomes the anchor for the currency.

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