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Geoff Coventry‏ @gladkiwi


No one is better than @ptcherneva in expounding on the vicious problem of unemployment and how the #JobGuarantee is an effective and desirable solution to this manmade societal epidemic. … Thanks to @HarvardLaw & @thepublicmoney for hosting these seminars!

2018 mar. 6

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva


Recording of my talk at @HarvardLaw last week on the #JobGuarantee

Bideoa: Pavlina Tcherneva – The Federal Job Guarantee


Despite the labor market recovery, millions remain unemployed, working part-time involuntarily, in precarious employment situations, or have dropped out of the workforce entirely. Now, as always, the economy fails to create enough jobs for all those who want to work. The costs of this failure – poverty, mental and physical illness, loss of social cohesion, lack of meaningful participation in community life – are enormous and disproportionately borne by vulnerable groups. For decades, advocates called for full employment in the form of a job guarantee, and those calls are sounding louder once again. Pavlina Tcherneva, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at Bard College discusses her job guarantee research, why such a policy is needed, and how it would work, from funding to implementation. In addition, she discusses how this policy would benefit those who are often excluded from full participation in economic and social life, and why a job guarantee is superior to an income guarantee alone.

Professor Tcherneva conducts research in the fields of modern monetary theory and public policy. She frequently speaks at Central Banks around the world and has collaborated with policymakers from different countries on developing and evaluating various job-creation programs. She is a two-time recipient of a grant from the Institute for New Economic Thinking for her research on the impact of alternative fiscal policies on unemployment, income distribution, and public goods provisioning.

2018 mar. 3

Dirua, boterea eta erregimen monetarioak

Money, Power, and Monetary Regimes


Richard Tye‏ @widespreadhaze


This is a brilliant 25 page paper by @ptcherneva that elegantly summarises and describes the history of money; monetary sovereignty; chartalism; money as a public monopoly; currency issuers vs. currency users; exchange rate systems and more. 

2018 mar. 5

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