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J. D. Alt

Bloga: http://jdalt.com/

Liburua: The Millennials’ Money

The Millennials' Money: Why the Next Power Generation Can Afford to Build a Better World

Alt-en iruzkina:

… Modern fiat money can be compared to the well-known figure-ground puzzles, which many people, initially at least, struggle with: “What? You’re seeing a beautiful young girl? No way! I’m seeing an old witch. Where’s the girl? Show me!”

The moment you “see” the alternative reality is a startling, and subtly satisfying, experience. The world has opened up somehow―lifted a veil and revealed a new set of possibilities. This is precisely what I hope will happen for people when they read The Millennials’ Money. The book, really, is an exercise in “seeing.” And the people who most need to see and understand what fiat money makes possible are today’s millennials—the generation just now coming into political power.”

Liburuaren aurkezpena: The Millennials’ Money

Introduction and overview of the reality of modern fiat money: Why the millennial generation CAN afford to build a better world. An updated and expanded version of the best-selling “Diagrams & Dollars.”

Bideoa: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHQCjFebIf8)



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