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(i) Final note on US-European Tour: 17 egun, 16 hitzaldi

I am now back in Australia and catching up on things. It was great meeting so many different people – some old friends, new friends – at all the events we spoke at during the 18 days travelling around.

Thanks to all the organisers of the events who clearly put work into making them happen. Thomas and I surely appreciated that.

It was exhausting – we presented at 16 events across 7 countries and 10 cities and in 17 days. I had little time to do anything other than get up early, go out running (to keep sane as much as anything), then attend meetings, functions, events until late into the evening.

I hope all those who took the time to participate enjoyed that time.

The next tour is coming up in November (to New Zealand) but for now, a sort of normality (as much as it gets) returns.


(ii) Berlin Event – September 27, 2017: Eurogunea, Distopia

Here is an edited video of my presentation in Berlin on September 27, 2017. It shows my presentation and the German translation by Dr Dirk Ehnts. If you just want the English then you have to skip the excellent job Dirk did on our behalf.

This event was a joint book launch held in the Neues Deutschland building, which was the original party newspaper of the GDR and was the East German state’s main propaganda arm.

It is now a smaller newspaper allied with Die Linke (PDS).

We launched the German translation of my Eurozone Dystopia book published by Lola Books and our current book – Reclaiming the State

The total video runs for around 35 minutes.

Bideoa: Vorstellung von “Dystopie Eurozone” – Bill Mitchell

(Aipatu bezala, Mitchell-en ingelesezko hitzak entzuteko, saltoka ibili behar da: merezi du!)

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