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Brett Scott‏ @Suitpossum1

Why are tech billionaires becoming obsessed with basic income? @HelenRazer on Elon Musk’s bedtime stories

Helen Razer-en UBI is just a bedtime story Elon Musk tells himself to help the super-wealthy sleep


2017 uzt. 16

Razer-en artikuluaren zipriztin batzuk:

UBI is a policy gift that Musk and so many others in the C-suites of Silicon Valley offer us as part of their vision of a sustainable economic future. (…)

UBI is an old economic proposition and one with some very different champions. The revolutionary Tom Paine proposed a version of it, as did Milton Friedman, the best-known architect of neoliberalism.

…this prescription can come from both former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum and former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis stands to some as proof of its inherent theoretical strength. If an “erratic Marxist,” a neoconservative, and the guy who wants to send us all to Mars can agree, then partisan consensus for policy enactment is likely.

UBI evokes, as do many of the phrases relished by Musk, a sort of realist utopia. It is certain, for a time, to safeguard the interests of a powerful few. But in the long-term, it is likely to diminish the purchasing power of the many. A true social dividend would not be a small state stipend whose terms are set by the billionaires of Silicon Valley. (…)

Noski, erabat galduta dagoen ezker abertzale ofiziala OEU horren defentsa egiten du aberatsek eta neoliberalek eginen dute defentsa sutsua bertsua…


(i) Silicon Valley eta oinarrizko errenta unibertsala (OEU)

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva2

More on Silicon Valley’s dishonest pitch for #UBI

Silicon Valley Won’t Save You Silicon Valley Won’t Save You

2017 uzt. 12

Julianne Tveten eta Paul Blest-en Silicon Valley Won’t Save You3

(ii) Lanpostu berdeko programa

Ezagutzen ote duzu erremedio hori?

Hona hemen medizina horren zenbait zantzu, in Carlos Maciek-en A Green Job Program Will Help Workers, the Economy, and the Planet4

Zipriztin batzuk:

a Job Guarantee program could come in handy. In short, the government would act as an Employer of Last Resort, effectively guaranteeing a job to all of those willing and able to work. (…)

… Mathew Forstater’s Green Jobs proposal was inspirational to my work. In my Master’s thesis, I tweak its existing framework to target environmentally sustainable outcomes. I find that we can transform the Job Guarantee program to ensure its sustainability without increasing its cost. Here’s how:

I set up the program in a way that promotes social enterprise and community development, following the work of Pavlina Tcherneva et al. With the help of social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and Nonprofit Organizations, local communities should decide what projects will be undertaken. For example, communities along the Hudson river could support a program where workers dealt with invasive species such as the zebra mussel and water chestnut. Other localities could handle neighborhood farming, recycling centers, flood containment structures, bike paths, etc.. It’s been found that if the community is involved in determining what projects are taken on, participation levels are higher. (…)

If we are going to have a public program that aims a generating new jobs and bringing people back into the workforce, then that program should be a Job Guarantee. But, if we’re going to guarantee jobs, the[y] will have to be green. And we have all the tools we need to make that happen.

*Interested in some good work on how to build a sustainable economy? Check out the publications from PERI and the Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. Interested in a non-profit that is already doing some great things in that area? Visit GreenWave‘s website and get involved!”

Gogoratu Ezker Abertzale Ofizialak defendatzen dituenak:

a) Trump-en garaipena hauteskundetan

b) Errenta ‘banatzea’

c) Errentaren gaineko zergak igotzea diru ‘publiko’ gehiago edukitzearren inbertitzeko (sic)

d) Lanpostuak ‘banatzea’

e) Syriza ‘ezkertiarra’

f) Varoufakis ‘intelektuala’

f) … gehiago? (Begiratu UEUko bloga, aspergarria baita zerrenda!)

Lasai, patxadaz hartu…

Ez, ezker abertzale ofizialak ez daki ezer ez ekonomiaz, ez krisiaz, ezta finantzaz ere!

Eta politikaz, ezaguna denez, aspaldian galdu zuen iparra: Podemos-ekiko lilura, espainiar estatua demokratizatzeko grina, hots, laugarren karlistada…


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