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Andrea Terzi‏ @ndrea_terzi 1

“It must be clear that the true objective to reach is not ‘income for all’ but ‘work for all’” @Pontifex

Albistea: Pope Francis in Genoa: Work essential to human flourishing2

It is necessary, therefore, to look fearlessly and a sense of responsibility on the technological transformations of the economy and of life, he said, “without resigning ourselves to the ideology that seems to be gaining a foothold wherever one looks, which envisions a world in which only a half or maybe two-thirds of employable people actually work, and the others maintained with a welfare cheque.”

It must be clear,” Pope Francis continued, “that the true objective to reach is not ‘income for all’ but ‘work for all’.”

2017 mai. 27

Rephael Inbar‏ @RephInbar

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With the convergence of AI, I don’t believe full employment will be possible in the future, making universal income a necessity. #mmt

Warren B. Mosler‏ @wbmosler

That’s an illogical statement. Unemployment is about unspent income, not productivity.

Thomas Paine Revisit‏ @TomRevisited1

Perhaps. On the other hand, you’d have a hard time explaining that to a factory worker replaced by a robot.

Andrea Terzi‏ @ndrea_terzi

True. And this is why a full employment policy is needed. And training. And education. And fiscal adjustment when needed.

Warren B. Mosler‏ @wbmosler

In a good economy business competes for people and provides training.

Keynes blog‏ @Keynesblog

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Pope John Maynard I 🙂

nick james‏ @njamescouk

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labour camps for all?

Xan Cassiel‏ @xancassiel

Participation & a sense of contributing > an allowance from daddy for being good

Thomas Paine Revisit‏ @TomRevisited1

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And worthy work –at least new types of employment— (not primarily in the service sector ) at tat. { 🙂

Tinker‏ @DamonMercy

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I get the worth of work, but aren’t we going to need some form of contemporary Ludites to achieve that? We need to be more creative.

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In a good economy business competes for people and provides training.

Warren B. Mosler‏ @wbmosler

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Agreed, but ask him if he’d rather have his children be factory workers or software engineers.

Warren B. Mosler‏ @wbmosler

Replying to @RephInbar @ndrea_terzi @Pontifex

Policy need only provide a funding channel for the always unlimited things people want done- alwys more to do than people to do it.

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