Nekazaritza, Industria, Zerbitzuak, Robotika,… eta job guarantee (lan bermea)

Hasierarako, ikus Badatoz robotak, eta zer?


Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

Hoping to solve the unemployment problem by ‘bringing manuf jobs back’ is akin to hoping you can do it by bringing agricultural jobs back.

2017 mar. 1

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

There ws big backlash during early 20th c against idea that agriculture sector won’t be a source of job growth. Same for manuf today.

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

We transitioned from agric economy to a manufact one w/ robust industrial policy, led by govt & industry. We have no equivalent plan today.

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

We need a robust policy to beef up our service economy, to produce decent wages for a decent standard of living. Tech, medical, education

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

Vast majority of people work in jobs that are designed to care for people–food, education, health, entertainment, etc.(many rather poorly)

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

Task before us is to make this service economy less precarious, as we did once with manufacturing

Pavlina R Tcherneva‏ @ptcherneva

Let robots do the manuf jobs and design a care economy with decent jobs for all that care for the environment, communities and people. /end

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