Katalunia, Espainia eta Referenduma

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Catalan Political Representatives Stand Criminal Trials

Antoni Abat i Ninet, Chair of Comparative Constitutional Law, University of Copenhagen – Denmark

(i) Erantzunak

(…) The criminal prosecution of the former President has had huge political and media repercussions in Catalonia and Spain. Around forty thousand people came out to protest at 8am on a Monday morning as Mr. Mas was criminally prosecuted for what they consider a political trial; a judicialisation of a political conflict and a way to weaken self-government, the right to self-determination, and democracy itself. These arguments go further comparing the political and legal responses that the United Kingdom and Canada gave to similar political claims to Scotland and Quebec respectively.”

(ii) Nazioarteko erantzunak

…The case has had international repercussions as well. Members of all the major parties in the Parliament of the European Union have noted their regret of the judicialisation of the political situation. The Canadian Parliament has taken position on this topic by requesting that the Spanish Government respect all human rights.”

(iii) Aferak

… The judicial action to intimidate people’s behaviour is not working in Catalonia and the escalation of tension seems to be increasing dramatically, so far between the Catalan and Spanish institutions. The Catalonia-Spain political issue highlights many legal and political dilemmas, such as the boundaries of federalism; the undesirable clash between democracy and the rule of law; the limits of the principle of non-intervention; the definition of Nation and the principle of self-determination. At this stage, it might be a good moment to prevent further difficulties through dialogue and negotiation. An international actor, such as an ad-hoc committee of the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the Group of Friends of Mediation of United Nations or the government (s) of third (s) state (s) would have a privileged situation. It is time to intervene before is too late.”

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