Pour épater les basques

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Gaia: Re: Pour épater les basques… (To shock the Basques)

Many thanks for your efforts to fight the good fight!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Warren,

There is a French saying that you probably know: pour épater les bourgeois” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89pater_la_bourgeoisie).

After more than 1,975 entries in my blog at the Unibertsitatea.net, I feel a litle bit tired with the lack of interest about MMT by my felow compatriots.

So, in a similar way, I would like to shock the Basques.

This is why I have written a couple of new entries: 

Warren Mosler: biografia (W. Mosler: biography)


Warren Mosler: biografia (segida) (W. Mosler: biography (continuation))

I have said and wrote many times and in very different places that you are ready to come to our Basque Country and tell us about MMT, Euroland and the different solutions (using the euro and/or with a national currency), job guarantee, and etc.

Up to now, it seems that there is no way to bring you here.

Let’s wait, I am not able, not even ready, to quit.

I’m a fighter.

In struggle (In favor of MMT)

All my best!


Warren Mosler

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Because we fear becoming the next Greece, we continue to turn ourselves into the next Japan

‘The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds’ 


“The Conservative belief that there is some law of nature which prevents men from being employed, that it is ‘rash’ to employ men, and that it is financially ‘sound’ to maintain a tenth of the population in idleness for an indefinite period, is crazily improbable – the sort of thing which no man could believe who had not had his head fuddled with nonsense for years and years. The objections which are raised are mostly not the objections of experience or of practical men. They are based on highly abstract theories – venerable, academic inventions, half misunderstood by those who are applying them today, and based on assumptions which are contrary to the facts… Our main task, therefore, will be to confirm the reader’s instinct that what seems sensible is sensible, and what seems nonsense is nonsense.” – J.M. Keynes in a pamphlet to support Lloyd George in the 1929 election.

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