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Albistea: Economist Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, President of the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College and Executive Vice President of Bard College, Appointed Greece’s Minister of Economy and Development1

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A Complementary Currency and Direct Job Creation Hold the Key to Greek Recovery One-Pager, No. 52 January 2016

How Long Before Growth and Employment Are Restored in Greece? Strategic Analysis, January 2016

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Greece: Getting Out of the Recession2

We propose a fiscal policy alternative based on innovative financing mechanisms, which could trigger a boost in confidence that would encourage renewed private investment.”

… we update our analysis of the possible impact of a fiscal expansion financed through the introduction of a fiscal currency, the Geuro, that the government can start issuing to avoid the fall in nominal wages and pensions, and to finance an employment program. This scenario is built on top of our previous scenario—that is, we are assuming a fiscal boost in addition to the increase in public investment.”

The main purpose for the introduction of the Geuro would be the gradual implementation of a program of public benefit work, where new jobs are provided to anyone willing to work for a minimum wage, set at a level that is noncompetitive with employment in the private sector yet sufficient for obtaining a decent standard of living.”

We propose to pay for these public benefit jobs in both euros and Geuros.”


Stephanie Kelton@StephanieKelton3

Congr to my friend, Dimitri Papdimitriou, who was just sworn in as Greece’s new Minister of Economy and Development. …

2016 aza. 5

Stephanie Kelton@StephanieKelton aza. 5

Political difficulties aside, we know what the new Greek Minister of Economy and Development would *like* to do. …

Oso berandu, beranduegi, baina zorte on!

Too late, but good luck!

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