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Warren Mosler: Los 7 fraudes inocentes capitales de la política económica1

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    Canadians must lose irrational fear of increased deficits, economist says

    “As Canada’s finance minister consults widely in preparation for the next federal budget, an urgent question on every economist’s mind is: Should the federal government increase its spending to help the Canadian economy? (…)
    … the growing consensus today is that austerity is wrong and does harm. The IMF now supports this claim, having argued recently that the idea of austerity has been largely “oversold.” This suggests that the only possible reason for promoting austerity is political, not economic. (…)
    Our current deficit is projected to be between one and 1.5 per cent of GDP. By historical standards, that is quite low. (…)
    But the current government’s spending is grossly inadequate. To have an impact, the government must commit to considerably more spending. I would argue that it should be prepared to increase our deficit-to-GDP ratio to around five per cent. By historical standards, this is not unprecedented. (…)
    … we are living in an era of “depression economics.” All the standard tools of analysis that economists have used over the last three decades are no longer relevant (if they ever were). In fact, current economic thinking is broken, and the last three decades of market-friendly policies such as lower taxes, privatization and liberalization have proven to be a colossal mistake that will take generations to repair. We must fall back on tools that have proven themselves in the past and that will prove themselves valuable again now. This begins with fiscal policy.
    And those who claim deficits create inflation or place our children in debt are wrong. These are myths that do not hold in the real world. Fiscal policy and deficit spending create jobs, create wealth, create growth. These are some very basic and proven facts about economics.”

    (Louis-Philippe Rochon is a professor at Laurentian University and co-editor of the Review of Keynesian Economics.)

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