Post-Brexit: nor da nor?

Daniel Hannan@DanielJHannan

Extraordinary. Schäuble admits he only threatened to exclude us from the market because George Osborne asked him to1.

2016 uzt. 4

Bob Duffield@BobDuffield

@DanielJHannan @welt Further evidence – if any were needed – that Osborne’s career in Government should be ended. ASAP

2016 uzt. 4


@Alichat66 @DanielJHannan I’m coming round to believing that Cameron/Osborne are more dishonest that Blair & his dodgy documents.

zantˌdəʁən@sanddrn 37 minDuela 37 minutu Altena, Deutschland

@marketingoliver well, he made it up. Schäuble said he was invited to London to state it clearly @DanielJHannan


@marketingoliver @DanielJHannan Rough translation, close to original wording…


@DanielJHannan Did George do the same with IMF Lagarde?


@DanielJHannan We are off! Gideon should be thrown in jail!

K G Hohenstauffen@KGHohenstauffen

@DanielJHannan It is absolutely shameful. If this happens to be true then George Osborne and Wolfrang Schäuble are not fit for purpose.


@DanielJHannan @welt conspiring with a foreign power to harm British interests = treason.

Rupert Darwall@RupertDarwall

@DanielJHannan What I wrote in @Telegraph last week about the Chancellor is coming to pass …

Geoffrey Johns@GeoffreyJohns

@DanielJHannan The Remain camp’s arguments are coming unravelled as truth emerges

Adieu to EU!@RichardWS

@DanielJHannan And on top of that bombshell Gove & Osborne families are going on holiday together this year! #NeverGove

The Ruminating Sheep@ruminantsheep

@DanielJHannan @welt Remainers complain of leave lies but slowly the truth about the dishonesty of #ProjectFear is being revealed.

Hau dunk hau!

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