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W. Mosler:

Today’s WRKO interview:

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Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

He’s reading my stuff? “Low rates may be causing low inflation, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard theorized in Friday remarks.”

15:47 – 2016 mar. 18


@wbmosler Part in recent interview talking about Greenspan raising interest rates & ppl thinking he was a genius for predicting it was great

Gustav Schmidt@gustav316

@wbmosler 7 deadly frauds Ftw!

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EBZ: interes tasa negatiboak

Europako zirkuak bere horretan segitzen du

EBZ, Draghi, tasa negatiboak eta politika fiskala

(Nahiko eta sobera: negative rates [are] a tax.)


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  • joseba

    Wrote this on rate hikes a while back:

    There Is No Right Time for the Fed to Raise Rates!

    “… while I recognize that raising rates supports both aggregate demand and inflation, I am categorically against raising rates for that purpose. Instead, I propose making the zero-rate policy permanent and supporting demand with a full FICA tax suspension. And for a stronger price anchor than today’s unemployment policy, I propose a federally funded transition job for anyone willing and able to work to facilitate the transition from unemployment to private sector employment. Together these proposals support far higher levels of employment and price stability.

    So when is the appropriate time to raise rates? I say never. Instead, leave the fed funds rate at zero, permanently, by law, and use fiscal adjustments to sustain full employment.


    There is no right time for the Fed to raise rates. The economy continues to fail us, and monetary policy is not capable of fixing it. Instead the fed funds rate should be permanently set at zero (further implying the Treasury sell only 3 month t bills), leaving it to Congress to employ fiscal adjustments to meet their employment and price stability mandates.”

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