Islandiako presidentea, argiago ezin

(a) El president d’Islàndia diu al Quebec que la independència és positiva pels països1

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson ha defensat que la independència ‘no pot ser vista mai com un afer negatiu’ i ha defensat el dret dels pobles a decidir el seu futur, sense cap límit.”

Aspaldian ere, gauza bera…

(b) President of Iceland says “independence in itself can never be negative”2

The small size of a nation is not an obstacle to its success

Independence is not just a formality, is determined by the will of the people

Independence in itself can never be negative

(c) Euskal progreentzat3, zuzen:

The President recalled that, when the country declared independence in 1944, its population was merely at 160,000, and “many people” said that such a small nation could not exist for long time. But seven decades after that, Grímsson noted, Iceland enjoys a welfare society one of the world’s best, he argued. Grímsson highlighted the fact that small- and medium-sized countries are on the rise in Europe.”

(d) Gogoratu ondoko hau:

Islandia: zenbait irakaspen sendo4

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