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Yannis Koutsomitis@YanniKouts

#ECB‘s Draghi Signals New Stimulus May Come This Year for #Euro Area http://bloom.bg/1MbdEeG  /via @Jeffrey_Black

2015 urr. 22

(Ikus Draghi Signals ECB May Add Stimulus This Year on Weak Growth: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-22/draghi-signals-new-stimulus-may-come-this-year-as-growth-falters)

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@YanniKouts @Jeffrey_Black More placebo! 🙁

2015 urr. 22

Gehigarria (2015.10.26):

Edward Harrison@edwardnh urr. 26

“Mario Draghi surprised markets last week with an aggressively easy policy statement, even by his recent standards.” http://blogs.ft.com/gavyndavies/2015/10/25/ecb-and-fed-reverse-their-traditional-roles/ …

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@edwardnh Yes, he fired another round of blanks at the crowd and started a mini stampede…;)


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  • joseba

    Mario Draghi-ren n-garren promesa

    Euro Tumbles As Draghi Says “ECB Will Do What It Must To Raise Inflation” But Drop May Not Last

    “It turns out Mario Draghi was merely biding his time, and in a speech released moments ago, titled “Monetary Policy: Past, Present and Future” delivered at the European Banking Congress, Draghi pulled another “whatever it takes” card, and promptly sent the Euro currency reeling, if only for the time being.”
    “So let me reiterate what I said here last year: if we decide that the current trajectory of our policy is not sufficient to achieve that objective, we will do what we must to raise inflation as quickly as possible. That is what our price stability mandate requires of us.”

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