Fed, QE eta aktibo swapak

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@netbacker Mosler said it in the clip you posted. He said either spend more or cut taxes. Both actions equal more debt.

13:28 – 2015 urr. 13

Nathan Becker@netbacker

@RATM4 No, not if you understand how our current monetary system works. That’s @wbmosler point in the interview.

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@netbacker @wbmosler That’s not true. The fed gives money to private banks also. That’s what QE is all about.

Nathan Becker@netbacker

@RATM4 Oh, no! Fed is “returning” the dollars that were previously spent to buy those bonds. QE is just an asset swap. @wbmosler

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@netbacker @wbmosler No, the fed is buying toxic assets and increasing the money supply to those banks for loans.

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@RATM4 @netbacker Name one ‘toxic asset’ the Fed is buying thanks

17:08 – 2015 urr. 13


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