Dirua neutro ote?

Steve Keen@ProfSteveKeen

Becoming An Economist Lecture 2 The Mainstream & why General Equilibrium is unstable with PPTX file: http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/2015/10/10/lecture-2-in-becoming-an-economist-at-kingston-university/ …

04:48 – 2015 urr. 10

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@ProfSteveKeen @RichardJMurphy Not to mention coercive taxation obviates any notion of ‘neutrality of money’ 😉

07:44 – 2015 urr. 10

Zergak neutro ote?

Richard Murphy@RichardJMurphy

@wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen I do not accept the idea of coercive taxation in a democracy. The description is an oxymoron

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@RichardJMurphy @ProfSteveKeen It’s that taxes are necessarily coercive. What’s the alternative? Tax payment voluntary for the tax payer?

09:00 – 2015 urr. 10

Richard Murphy@RichardJMurphy

@wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen Taxes are not coercive: society chooses to punish the deviant behaviour of non-payment. See #TheJoyofTax

Neil Wilson@neilwilson

@RichardJMurphy @wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen no law without enforcement.

Stephanie Kelton@StephanieKelton

@neilwilson @RichardJMurphy @wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen That should be obvious, really.

Rohan Grey@rohangrey

@StephanieKelton @neilwilson @RichardJMurphy @wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen Proudhon would say it was the property rights that were coercive…

Stephanie Kelton@StephanieKelton

@rohangrey @neilwilson @RichardJMurphy @wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen Both can be true.

Rohan Grey@rohangrey

@StephanieKelton @neilwilson @RichardJMurphy @wbmosler @ProfSteveKeen Yep – tax can be a coercive taking of coercively established property.

Land & Liberty@Land_Liberty

@wbmosler @RichardJMurphy @ProfSteveKeen So is privatised rent. So to kill two birds with one stone, collect the rent.

The National Debt is nothing more than all the dollars spent by the Federal Government that haven’t yet been used to pay taxes.”

(Warren Mosler)


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