Tina ala TIA?

Neoliberal TINA Economics is Flat Earth thinking


“Whilst we need wisdom too, knowledge is power and so the more we are informed, the easier it is to challenge the lies of politicians and their media lackeys. It is not necessary to immerse oneself in economic models and mathematical equations to understand the importance of economic policies and their effects on society but if we are to move forward we must show those who would lie to us that we cannot be fooled any longer.”


Stephanie Kelton: The “Angry Birds” Approach to Understanding Deficits in the Modern Economy


Is the USA really going broke? Are we mortgaging the future of our children because of our reckless, out-of-control government spending? Are we really at the mercy of foreign ‘creditors’ like China?”

TINA (There is no alternative) ala TIA (There is alternative)?

Bob Gorman ‏@BobGorman8791 uzt. 19

@billy_blog @GrkStav @LevyEcon @StephanieKelton @ptcherneva replace TINA (There Is No Alternative) with TIA (There Is Alternative) = #MMT

Bill Mitchell: Demystifying Modern Monetary Theory



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